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The Disney Quiz | Eindhoven

De Disney Quiz

As a child, were you also sweet for hours watching all the fairytale movies and reading the Donald Duck? Or did you still enjoy every new Disney or Pixar release in the cinema as an adult? Then this is the quiz for you! If you, as a true connoisseur, want to prove that you can spoon up the names of the many films, characters or songs, then assemble your team of fellow enthusiasts now and join in.

In 8 rounds we will test how much you really remembered from your childhood. Through open questions, fun video fragments and pictures, we'll take you on a full-length journey through Disney's vast magical oeuvre.

Teams of 2 to 3 people. With 3 persons only from 1 household.



Keizersgracht 19
5611 GC Eindhoven
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