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Happiness | Dries Verhoeven

Hapiness Dries Verhoeven

At Strijp-S, you’ll find a small, concrete building that at first sight seems to be a mix between a public toilet and a pharmacy. As you step inside, you are welcomed by a humanoid: a human-looking robot.

She runs this illicit pharmacy and educates her visitors without judgment on the use of various drugs and medications such as XTC, painkillers and antidepressants which we can use to tweak our emotional reality by re-jigging the serotonin and dopamine levels in our brain. Synthetic substances that help us rehumanize, become more than human or even for a while escape our human state of being entirely.

Now that recreational drug use in the nightlife scene has become mainstream and the stigma on antidepressants is beginning to disappear, Happiness explores how this influences our notion of what emotions are and to what extent our feelings are malleable.


MU Hybrid Art House
Torenallee 40 -06
5617 BD Eindhoven
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