DDW | TU/e-expositie Drivers of Change

DDW | TU/e-expositie Drivers of Change

A pair of shoes made of seaweed, smart marbles that can detect tube systems for irregularities, miniscule robots that are propelled by light and a new type of electric car developed entirely by TU/e ...

Corona may strike ugly, at TU/e work is being done on the world of tomorrow with a diverse series of designs and projects, some thirty as part of the Dutch Design Week to be experienced in the online exhibition Drivers of Change.

You don't have to leave the house. From your easy chair or sitting on your exercise bike you can get to know all these extraordinary exhibits via our website, digital tour and online presentations. We are open to the whole world. Come and see, listen and ask. Welcome!



  • daily until October 25th, 2020


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