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Edward Scharenhand

Edward Scharenhand

Everyone in the town of Gul is extremely good – Aunt Mary and her adopted daughter Magdalena most of all. They are always ready to help animals, plants and fellow humans. One day, Edward appears on their doorstep.

Edward is sweet and gentle, but unfortunately, instead of ordinary hands, he has a pair of long razor-sharp scissors at the ends of both his arms. When nevertheless, Aunt Mary decides to welcome Edward into their house, Magdalena is a lot less optimistic for the first time in her life.
Edward Scharenhand is a bittersweet comedy about good and evil and the thin line in between. A fairytale family show with lots of live music, loosely based on Tim Burton's film Edward Scissorhands. The performance won the Zilveren Krekel 2018 in the category "most impressive youth theater production".


Parktheater Eindhoven
Theaterpad 1
5615 EN Eindhoven
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