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The Royal National Ballet Company | Magic of Georgia

The Royal National Ballet Company | Magic of Georgia

Magic of Georgia is the dance sensation from Caucasia. The company from the capital Tbilisi is finally in the Netherlands to be admired after a series of tours all over the world!

The Royal National Ballet Company presents an unparalleled show: Georgian folklore and classical dance, seemingly effortlessly combined with impressive sword fights and acrobatics. The women seem to nearly float across the stage. The men excel in acrobatic jumping, not to mention the countless colorful costumes! With more than ten costume changes, all traditional styles from Caucasia are showcased, and the illustrious past of the proud Georgians and their famous Kings and Queens comes to life.

With no fewer than 32 dancers on stage, Magic of Georgia guarantees a full-length dance spectacle. With authentic Georgian music specially composed for this show.


Parktheater Eindhoven
Theaterpad 1
5615 EN Eindhoven
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  • from €19.50 to €29.50