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Tuesday 19 February

Film | Kabul, City in the wind

In his first full-length documentary, Aboozar Amini loosely follows the stories of the bus driver and the two brothers. At home with his children, Abas...

Tuesday 19 February

De Waarheid

De Waarheid is an original comedy about two unfaithful couples, played by Huub Stapel, Johanna ter Steege, Nanette Edens and Ruurt De Maesschalck.

19 February, 9 April and 7 May

Boekie Night

The one and only Eindhoven literary book talkshow.

Tuesday 19 February

Blame it on the boogie

A spectacular musical celebration and a feast for the eye. Jeans takes you on a swinging journey along various music styles and big hits from the 50’s...

Tuesday 19 February

Escape the faith

Escape The Fate will come to the Dynamo mainstage on February 19, and this will be a special one. Because it is 10 years since the album 'THIS WAR IS OURS'...

Tuesday 19 February

Skride Quartet

These four like-minded musicians, all established soloists, combine their musical powers in the Skride Quartet for the most beautiful chamber music pieces.

19 February, 26 February

Film analysis

What is a good film for you? Learn how to argue why some movies are better than others.

Tuesday 19 February

Lecture | Science Café: Allergy

From pollen to peanuts: more and more people are suffering from an allergy. Find out everything about our overactive immune system.

until 2 April 2020

Augmented Reality Tour

From now on every visitor of the Philips Museum will be able to experience the world of Philips Design and the ideas behind it’s iconic products, with...


Exhibition: The collection now

More than 600 artworks and archive materials.

until 1 November

Exhibition | The Way Beyond Art

Between 2017 and 2020 the Van Abbemuseum organises a series of exhibitions and projects using its own collection.

until 28 August

Exhibition | The Making of Modern Art

This exhibition combines modern master pieces from the Van Abbe collection, like Mondrian, Picasso, Sol LeWitt, Kandinsky and Leger, with an experimental...


New scavenger hunt at the Philips Museum

Especially for kids aged 4 to 8, there’s a new scavenger hunt at the Philips Museum.


Tuesday afternoon free entrance at van Abbe

For everyone, the museum can now be visited free of charge on Tuesday afternoons between 3 pm and 5 pm.


Mission Eureka

Mission Eureka provides you with insights in Philips inventions, that remain secret for other visitors…


Centre Market

The market in the centre is from 09.00 to 16.00 every Tuesday.

until 17 March

Expo | Museum as parliament

The People’s Parliament of Rojava at the Van Abbemuseum

until 15 March

Ongoing Dialogue | New Design by Old Friends

The new exhibition ‘ONGOING DIALOGUE – New Design By Old Friends’ is partly situated in the former military barracks in the center of design capital Eindhoven,...

until 9 February 2020

An Antihero in Eindhoven

Consecutive scenes show geometrical, stylized skate obstacles, which lay an abstract link to the location; one of the largest indoor skate parks in Europe....

until 10 March

EXPO | Reshape

During this expo artists and designers imagine the continuous transformation of life.

until 19 February 2020

Go to the movies at Natlab!

Visit Natlab to enjoy th elatest arthouse films, the best movies you might say. Every day starting at ten o'clock!

until 24 March

Dutch Happiness Week

Happy people are more active, creative, less susceptible to disease and have more energy.

Wednesday 20 February

Film | Lost Highway

After a bizarre encounter at a party, a jazz saxophonist is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to prison, where he inexplicably morphs into a young...

20 February, 27 March and 8 May

Vriendentafel | concertbezoek

During these meetings, themes are discussed that relate to a concert that takes place later in the season.