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Wednesday 19 December

Vaarwel 2018 | Sjaak Bral

Even if your year was lousy, you can still make up for it with the New Year's Eve conference by Sjaak Bral.

Wednesday 19 December

The TU/e Mega Quiz

Which faculty has the most quizproof brains? To find out, the study associations under the flag of FSE and Studium Generale organize the TU/e Mega Quiz.

Wednesday 19 December

Expo| Inktspotprijs

De schitterende expositie geeft een goed beeld van wat ons het afgelopen jaar vooral bezighield.


Playing with language

Come play and learn the language by researching, exploring and experimenting. For kids from age 4 to 8 and their parents.

19 December 2018 until 6 January 2019

Museum door de stad

Museum Door de Stad travels for 3 years through the city with installations inspired by the culture historic collection of Eindhoven Museum.


Market Winkelcentrum Woensel

The Market at Winkelcentrum Woensel is from 09.00 to 12.00 every Wednesday.


Voorlezen en knutselen in de Witte Dame

Woensdagmiddag voorleesmiddag 15:00 uur.


Market Kastelenplein

The Kastelenplein Market is from 12.00 to 16.30 every Wednesday.

Thursday 20 December

Kill All Kids | iona&rineke en Orkater

Fictional documentary theater based on extensive research in which fact and fiction intertwine and the writers themselves take the stand.

Thursday 20 December


Look Ahead And See The Distance.

Thursday 20 December

Cabaretverrassing - Ontroerend Goed 5

If you like to be surprised, try one or more performances from the Ontroerend Goed series.

Thursday 20 December

De mis van Pynarello

Out of the Box: Classical music for beginners.

Thursday 20 December

Lunchpauzeconcert | Fontys Saxofoonensemble

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven presents a weekly Lunch Break concert, every Thursday at 12:30.


Market Winkelcentrum Haagdijk

The Market at Winkelcentrum Haagdijk is from 09.00 to 12.00 every Thursday.


Eindhoven Innovation Café

Talent, ideas + bringing chances together = stimulating innovation.


Klik & Tik

Basiscursus internet, voor mensen die niet of nauwelijks met een computer hebben gewerkt. De cursus is vanuit huis te doen, maar voor begeleiding kun je...


Market Sint Trudoplein

The Market at Sint Trudoplein is from 13.00 to 16.30 every monday.

Friday 21 December

Maschine 7

Underground techno all night long

Friday 21 December

In het licht van... kerst

Stille Nacht am Silbersee.

Friday 21 December

De (Orde) Chaos van 2018

Looking for the essence, authenticity, truth and true reality.

until 6 January 2019

Merry X-Mas

There is plenty to see and do at Warehouse of Innovation during the holidays. You can roller skate at the indoor roller skating-track, there is live music,...


Market Sint Gerardusplein

The Market at Sint Gerardusplein is from 12.00 to 16.30 every Friday.

Saturday 22 December

Emo night

Dynamo Mildt is jarig en we hebben een jubileum, want in 2008 organiseerde wij onze eerste show.

Saturday 22 December

Kika Sprangers Young VIPS Quintet

Blue Note Club Sessions