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Wednesday 4 September

Lecture | Ready? Go!

Whatever it is you’re aiming for, achieving your goal often turns out to be more difficult than anticipated. In that respect, studying is no different...

Thursday 5 September


A great metalcore package is coming to Dynamo on 5 September! With Acres and Parting Gift you can look forward to two upcoming bands from the British scene,...

Thursday 5 September

Film | Lady bird

Watch a film at de Blauwe doos

Thursday 5 September

DocFeed on Tour: De vergeten held

Een ontroerend verhaal van een gewone Brabantse jongen die wereldnieuws werd. Deze documentaire film gaat over de zoektocht naar de verongelukte bemanningsleden...

Thursday 5 September

Lecture| Arabic language

Meet the Arabic language, the dialects and the countries where Arabic is spoken. There is also a short Arabic writing workshop.

Friday 6 September

Casual Classics XL 2019 | Dominc Seldis & Maria Milstein

Casual Classics XL is a mini festival where classical music can be heard and seen in all halls and foyers.

Friday 6 September


Two rooms with the hottest Latin music, tropical atmosphere and above all a lot of fun! On this evening we will dance to the tastiest reggaeton, latin...

Friday 6 September


At the beginning of September this bouncing energy ball from a band comes to Altstadt.

Friday 6 September

Keldernacht w/ Lewis Fautzi

Keldernacht is a dance night with a heavy emphasis on techno. While honouring the roots we introduce new talents combined with established artists.

6 until 8 September

Art | Trouvailles Festival

In their almost 20 years of existence as an art dealer,  Art Dumay regularly has a special “Trouvaille” (find) when they discover a beautiful collection...

7 and 8 September

Dutch Chili Fest

Dutch Chili Fest is the only Dutch festival completely dedicated to the chili pepper.

Saturday 7 September

Jungle Festival 2019

Enter a colorful jungle full of surprises and happiness.

Saturday 7 September

Maschine 9

MASCHINE is back after the summer vacation! Ready to take you on the next techno trip!

Saturday 7 September

KONT03 Magazine lancering

KONT03 magazine is officially launched in both Eindhoven and Antwerp, as it is an issue created by cross-city teams from both places.

Saturday 7 September

Muziek in de Cathrien | Carillon concerts

For more than 25 years, the Cathrien offers a beautiful acoustic space for the Music in the Cathrien concert series on Saturday afternoon. The Collegium...

Saturday 7 September

Start van een literaire traditie: Brabants Boek Present

Van Gogh sneed hier nooit een oor af is een subtiel maatschappelijk beladen novelle. Een huiveringwekkende thriller die zich afspeelt in Nuenen. Het spannende...

Saturday 7 September

Blue Note Club Sessions | Joris Linssen & Caramba

For the first Blue Note Club Sessions we make a trip to world music. By popular demand, Joris Linssen and his band Caramba are extending the summer with...

Sunday 8 September

Word bboy classic world final 2019

The World Cup Breakdance for duos is back! The 11th edition of the World B-Boy Classic World Final will be organized on Sunday 8 September.

Sunday 8 September

Fietstocht Eindhoven

A sporty and nice bike ride

8 September until 13 October

Expo | Joop van Deventer

Joop van Deventer (Eindhoven) is an authentic painter. He paints clouds and the environment in which they are located.

Monday 9 September

​Föllakzoid + The Holydrug Couple

Föllakzoid with 4th album to Eindhoven for dark 'club' trip.

Monday 9 September

Bridge voor beginners

Discover the fun of playing this intriguing game. Bridge is a serious, but also a fun game. It makes resourceful and has a strong social element.

Monday 9 September

De Maandag van Van Meurs | Blue Grass Boogiemen

Every Monday at Meneer Frits, special concerts take place featuring singer-songwriters, acoustic bands, rootsy performers and other gems from the music-world...