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Friday 26 July

Buitenfilm | a casa tutti bene

Everyone is welcome at the outdoor film: twenty-two different romantic, cheerful, exciting, moving and musical films on sultry Eindhoven evenings in the...

Sunday 28 July

Effenaar 't Wasven

Enjoy live music in nature for free!

Wednesday 31 July

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi is a special band that gets bigger every year and gets a wider fan base.

Wednesday 21 August

De Hypotheker-Beekloop

The Hypotheker-Beekloop is a recreational running event over the wooded grounds of GGzE location de Grote Beek.

Saturday 21 September

Liberation040 | Freedomfestival

On September 18, Eindhoven celebrates there freedom. On September 21 there will be a freedom festival, Liberation040.

28 and 29 September

Eindhoven Maker Faire

From entertainment to installations, everything on the Eindhoven Maker Faire is built for and by makers.

11 and 12 October

Strapatsen plays Workel Mochilk

Theatre group Strapatsen plays the absurdist and comic performance Workel Mochilk.

14 until 18 October

Taartrovers Film Festival

This autumn holiday, the Taartrovers are playing at Natlab in Eindhoven with the Taartrovers Film Festival.