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Bar Bistro Calypso
Bar Bistro Calypso

Stratumseind 85
5611 ER Eindhoven

Delicious no-nonsense; recognizable and yet special. Plenty of fresh and homemade, plant-based and durable with a rough edge. Calypso shows how delicious...

Queen Hotel Eindhoven
Queen Hotel Eindhoven

Markt 7
5611EB Eindhoven

Queen radiates an amicable atmosphere, at the restaurant, the bar as well as on the terrace. It doesn't have the pretensions of a star restaurant, but...

Antonio's Italiaans Restaurant

Dommelstraat 16
5611CK Eindhoven

A very wide collection in grappa, exclusive Italian wines, tasteful pastas and surprising specialties will make you feel like you've spend a night in Italy.

Que Pasa Tapasbar

Dommelstraat 19
5611CJ Eindhoven

Enjoy our tapas, prepared with daily fresh authentic Spanish ingredients. For instance, we get our Spanish Serranoham right fom the market in Spain. All...

Lucie Cocina
Restaurant Lucie

Kleine Berg 34 B
5611 JV Eindhoven

Mood Strijp-S
Mood Strijp-S

Torenallee 40 08
5617BD Eindhoven

A stylish restaurant on the Torenallee, Strijp-S.

Cafe the Jack
Cafe the Jack

Stratumseind 55
5611 EP Eindhoven

Pub that offers a wide variety in special beers and heavy live music.

Soul Kitchen
Soul Kitchen

Torenallee 55
5617 BA Eindhoven

Soul Kitchen is the perfect place to play a game, read a book from the exchange library, play music and meet new people. While enjoying a fresh bite of...

Dadawan Eindhoven

Heuvelgalerie 195
5611 DK Eindhoven

Authentic, healthy and low budget. In other words: 'wordly food, small town prices'. That's DADAWAN


Lichttoren 6
5611 BJ Eindhoven

A century ago the service life of incandescent lamps was tested in this striking Philips Light Tower. Now you find yourself in a contemporary, industrial...

Rodeo Bar
Rodeo Eindhoven

Dommelstraat 23
5611CJ Eindhoven

A Latin-American atmosphere with a relaxed and above all warm ambience. The menu is versatile and therefore accessible to a very broad public.

FAB Famous American Bistro Eindhoven
FAB Eindhoven

Kerkstraat 16
5611 GJ Eindhoven

Casual American bistro offering fresh, hand-made food for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Happy Italy
Happy Italy Eindhoven

Catharinaplein 25
5611DE Eindhoven

At this restaurant you can enjoy a delicious, large pizza, a wonderful pasta, a fresh salad or a real Italian sandwich, every day.

The Village Eindhoven
The Village Eindhoven

Jan van Lieshoutstraat 9
5611 EE Eindhoven

The Village is a streetfood bar that satisfies both your hunger and wanderlust. They present a menu featuring fresh local coffee, delicious smoothies and...

Bakkerij Houben Worstenbrood
Bakkerij Houben worstenbrood Eindhoven

Willemstraat 39
5611 HC Eindhoven

Houben sausage rolls are made with organic flour, sustainable minced meat and a nice mix of herbs and spices.

Smeagol Super Steaks
Smeagol Eindhoven

Kerkstraat 10
5611 GJ Eindhoven

Besides our Smeagol supersteaks we also serve Argentinian specialties, vegetarian dishes, pastas and salads.

Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven

Vestdijk 280
5611 EZ Eindhoven

A new brewery including pub "100 Watt", where you can enjoy different kinds of delightful 'Craft Beer' made in Eindhoven.

Gezana Restaurant

Willemstraat 37
5611 HC Eindhoven

Gezana Restaurant is the first Eritrean restaurant in Eindhoven. Gezana means 'home' in Tigrinya (Eritrea).

Lithos Eindhoven

Kerkstraat 40
5611 GK Eindhoven

Greek specialty restaurant.

Woensel Wereldkeukens
Woensel Wereldkeukens

Winkelcentrum Woensel 292
5625 AG Eindhoven

For a great lunch you're at the right place at Woensel Wereldkeukens.

Senora Rosa
Senora Rosa

Edenstraat 13
5611 JM Eindhoven

Señora Rosa is a contemporary Spanish Restaurant with a cozy tapas bar. Enjoy our delicious Spanish cuisine in a modern jacket. Buen provecho y hasta pronto!


klokgebouw 127
5617AB Eindhoven

Since 2001, the fourth floor of the Klokgebouw has been the home of Keukenconfessies. The company of chef Maarten Lockefeer, where he often collaborates...

Ethiopisch Restaurant Eindhoven

Schootsestraat 170
5616 RH Eindhoven

At Ethiopian Restaurant Eindhoven you can enjoy unique and exotic flavors, authentic cuisine, special traditions and a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Bakkertje Bol
Bakkertje Bol

Nieuwe Emmasingel 3
5611AM Eindhoven

The coziest little bakery of Brabant.