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Restaurant Bali
Restaurant Bali Eindhoven

Keizersgracht 13
5611 GC Eindhoven

Most authentic Indonesian restaurant of Eindhoven. Situated in the heart of the city centre of Eindhoven.

Yoghurt Barn
Yoghurt Barn

Nieuwstraat 28
5611 DB Eindhoven

Quality begins with passion. Passion for nature and enjoying good food. Passion for the pure. That is what Yoghurt Barn stands for.


Dommelstraat 34
5611CL Eindhoven

Taste the Latin-American atmosphere in Mexican diner-pub Tortillas.

Sissy Boy Daily
Daily Sissy Boy

Nieuwe Emmasingel 2
5611 AM Eindhoven

Sissy-Boy is located in the ‘Blob’ in Eindhoven, near the Piazza and the trainstation. You have a great view onto the street below.


Hooghuisstraat 31 -D
5611GS Eindhoven

Breakfast, lunch and drinks.

Anne & Max

Kleine Berg 79
5611 JT Eindhoven

Anne & Max is a freshfood & coffeecafe. Here you are welcome every day for breakfast, coffee, lunch, high tea and drinks.

Toasted & Roasted
Toasted & Roasted

Nieuwstraat 23
5611 DA Eindhoven

Toasted & Roasted provides a tasteful experience every day. It is the place for breakfast, coffee, lunch and drinks.


Aalsterweg 322
5644 RL Eindhoven


Nieuwe Emmasingel 44
5611 AM Eindhoven

Coffeelovers Van Piere is situated in a bookstore that has the same name. It's thé location in Eindhoven to enjoy coffee and books. Our baristas welcome...

Minos Pallas
Minos Pallas

Geldropseweg 440
5645 TL Eindhoven

Over the years, Minos Pallas has become locally known in Eindhoven for its quality and ambiance.

Meneer De Boer
Meneer de Boer Eindhoven

Keizersgracht 20
5611 GD Eindhoven

Their 'Breakfast all day' concept makes sure you will enjoy delicious croissants, french toast or oat meal. All day long.

Thomas Eindhoven

Stratumseind 23
5611 EN Eindhoven

Thomas is an all-day concept where you can lunch, dine, drink and dance.


Karel de Grotelaan 341
5654 NN Eindhoven

Bij restaurant Lundi kun je terecht voor een all-in diner uit de wereldkeuken.

Grieks Restaurant Ilio's

Dommelstraat 26
5611CL Eindhoven

An authentic Greek restaurant that openend its doors in Eindhoven in 2001. Here, you will feel like you are in Greece.


Nieuwe Emmasingel 42
5611AM Eindhoven

Panos is a Belgian franchise in sandwich bars. Panos has a wide assortment of snacks and lunch products. From gingerbread, breads, sandwiches and salads...

Tony's Wok
Tony's wok

Nieuwstraat 7 C
5611DA Eindhoven

Wok restaurant in the Centre of Eindhoven.


Ketelhuisplein 1
5617AE Eindhoven

Simplicity tastes good. We don't make pears out of apples, an orange is an orange and beef simply tastes like beef. We use fresh products and make delicious...

Sopranos Eindhoven

Stationsplein 9
5611 AB Eindhoven

Unique restaurant at the Stationsplein. Sopranos has an extensive menu consisting of Mediterranean dishes.

Cafe Dommel 18
Cafe Dommel 18

Dommelstraat 18
5611 CK Eindhoven

A traditional café, yet it has a contemporary feel.

De Bergse Bakker

Kleine Berg 77
5611 JT Eindhoven

Bakery and Patisserie.

SUGO Pizza

Nieuwstraat 20
5611 DB Eindhoven

Pizza al taglio is Rome’s favourite street food, eaten at any moment of the day. Colourful gourmet pizza by the slice. Combine and share different flavours...

De Volkslust

Heuvel Galerie 120
5611 DK Eindhoven

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a bread from Volkslust.

PopEi - Foto: Patrick Spruytenburg

Klokgebouw 300
5617 AD Eindhoven

PopEi is a popcentre that supports bands and musicians.

La Place
La Place

Heuvel Galerie 1
5611 DK Eindhoven

La Place is the second largest food service company in the Nerherlands.