Led by an experienced city guide, you will discover the many facets of this modern and ‘ostensibly’ young city. However, not many people are familiar with Eindhoven’s rich industrial past, unique architecture, unusual history and creative entrepreneurship!

  • Designwalk
    Eindhoven is modern, dynamic and internationally renowned as a center of technology, innovation and design. This can be seen in the city centre in numerous buildings. Your guide describes the modern architecture and art as seen in the city centre.
  • Philips walk
    Eindhoven is irrevocably connected to Philips just like Philips is connected to Eindhoven. Gerard, Anton and later Frits Philips created a whole new climate for the city. Employment, architecture and industrial knowledge provided the city with a new identity and mentality.
  • Strijp-S
    During the tour, your guide will explain how Strijp-S became an inspiring and creative area. Learn about the (Philips) history of Strijp-S, the creative developments that are going on and the exciting future plans. Listen to the guide’s stories about the past and future of this former Philips site.


Duration 90 minutes
Price € 125,00 per guide
Max 20 persons per guide
Language Dutch/English/German/French

It is also possible to do these tours by bike. 

Do you have additional wishes? Make sure to contact:

Begijnenhof 4 - 6
5611 EL Eindhoven
+ 31 (0) 40 297 91 15