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Cafe Trace

Stratumseind 41
5611 EP Eindhoven

Café where you can go to on Thursday until Sunday to enjoy a great dance party.

Kafee Kix

Stratumseind 75
5611 ER Eindhoven

Pub that is best known for 'spin-the-wheel'.

Fifth NRE - new jazz & soul club

Gasfabriek 5
5613CM Eindhoven

Fifth |NRE is transforming to a Jazzclub in the near future.

Thomas Eindhoven

Stratumseind 23
5611 EN Eindhoven

Thomas is an all-day concept where you can lunch, dine, drink and dance.

Club Twenty One

Stratumseind 31
5611 EN Eindhoven

Club Twentyone is een volwassen en sprankelende formule waar men kan eten en drinken. Een verademing voor het Eindhovens uitgaansleven!

Markt Eindhoven

Markt 1
5611EB Eindhoven

At the Markt, you'll find spacious terraces, Grand Cafés, restaurants, Holland Casino, Muziekgebouw Frits Phillips, shops and more. It is also a lively...


Kastanjelaan 500
5616 LZ Eindhoven

The latest movies and theatre programmes in a multi media and design environment.

Brouwerijcafe van Moll

Keizersgracht 16 A
5611 GD Eindhoven

Very first brewery of Eindhoven with a beer tasting room.

Cafe Sands

Stratumseind 29
5611 EN Eindhoven

Dance and party café. Top40, Dance and Dutch music.


Oude Stadsgracht 26
5611 DG Eindhoven

They call themselves the coziest party café in Eindhoven.

Kaffee de Groot

Wilhelminaplein 8
5611 HE Eindhoven

A cosy kaffee situated in the city centre at the Wilhelminaplein in Eindhoven.

La Route

Stratumseind 45
5611 EP Eindhoven

Cozy café and Dutch sing-alongs: this guarantees a party.


5611 CJ Eindhoven

Dommelstraat is situated right across the Central Station and offers a variety of eatery and cafés. At the end of the Dommelstraat you will find popvenue...

Club Blush

Stratumseind 44
5611 EV Eindhoven

Dance music, lots of events and DJ's every weekend to get the party going at this club.

Stacey's Bar

Jan van Lieshoutstraat 30
5611 EE Eindhoven

Cozy traditional café in the city dentre of Eindhoven.

Miller Time

Stratumseind 51
5611 EP Eindhoven

Besides the establishments in Breda and Tilburg, Milner Time is also situated in the night life area of Eindhoven.

LIVE Pianobar Eindhoven

Stratumseind 27
5611 EN Eindhoven

Using a built-in piano at the bar, our singing pianists play the most heavenly music. The variable international artists shall entertain you as their guest....

O' Sheas Irish Pub

Jan van Lieshoutstraat 9
5611 EE Eindhoven

O' Sheas Irish Pub is the best known Irish pub in all of Eindhoven, with live music every weekend, and live sports there's always something to do here.

De Minibar

Kleine Berg 60
5611 JW Eindhoven

The Minibar in Eindhoven truly is a quality bar. Here, you can order the best cocktails, wines, beers and of course coffee.

Underdog Café

Kerkstraat 28
5611 GK Eindhoven

What do hot dogs, cold brew and sports have in common? You’ll find out at the Underdog Café!

Cafe Bar Taverna

Grote Berg 23
5611 KH Eindhoven

Café bar and sisha lounge.

De Regenboog

Stratumseind 99
5611ER Eindhoven

An informal pub for the gayscene at Stratumseind.


Klokgebouw 50
5617AB Eindhoven

The former factory halls of the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S Eindhoven have a capacity of 9,000 people. It is an ideal location for the most diverse creative...

Casino Fair Play

Kerkstraat 46
5611 GK Eindhoven

Amusement centre where everybody aged over 18 can try their luck.