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Stratumseind 23
5611 EN Eindhoven

Thomas is an all-day concept where you can lunch, dine, drink and dance.

Stratumseind 25 A
5611 EN Eindhoven

Life music and more.

Jan van Lieshoutstraat 30
5611 EE Eindhoven

Cozy traditional café in the city dentre of Eindhoven.

Stratumseind 29
5611 EN Eindhoven

Dance and party café. Top40, Dance and Dutch music.

Stratumseind 41
5611 EP Eindhoven

Café where you can go to on Thursday until Sunday to enjoy a great dance party.

Grote Berg 23
5611 KH Eindhoven

Café bar and sisha lounge.

Gasfabriek 5
5613CM Eindhoven

A place where you can enjoy a delicious meal, a nice drink.

Stratumseind 65
5611 EP Eindhoven

A little piece of Cuba can be found at the Salsa Café of the Stratumseind.

Wilhelminaplein 8
5611 HE Eindhoven

A cosy kaffee situated in the city centre at the Wilhelminaplein in Eindhoven.

Nieuwstraat 6
5611 DB Eindhoven

Fair Play Casinos are amusement centres with a versatile selection of games of chance. Where everybody, who has reached the required minimum age, can gamble.

Markt 11
5611 EB Eindhoven

De Vooruitgang ('The progress') is a city café at the Markt. It was destroyed in a wild fire and rose out of the ashes like a feniks.

Oude Stadsgracht 26
5611 DG Eindhoven

They call themselves the coziest party café in Eindhoven.

Grote Berg 21
5611 KH Eindhoven

Eat & drink establishment in a casual American style.

Stratumseind 45
5611 EP Eindhoven

Cozy café and Dutch sing-alongs: this guarantees a party.

Markt 8
5611 EB Eindhoven

From early morning till late at night, at Centraal you are in the right company, situated in the middle of the Markt in Eindhoven. Whether you visit us...

Hoogstraat 59
5615 PA Eindhoven

Café 't Rozenknopje (the rose button) used to be called the living room of Gestel, but it is, in fact, a living room for everyone.

Jan van Lieshoutstraat 9
5611 EE Eindhoven

O' Sheas Irish Pub is the best known Irish pub in all of Eindhoven, with live music every weekend, and live sports there's always something to do here.

Stratumseind 31
5611 EN Eindhoven

Club Twentyone is een volwassen en sprankelende formule waar men kan eten en drinken. Een verademing voor het Eindhovens uitgaansleven!

Stratumseind 81
5611 ER Eindhoven

Everybody who loves dancing and partying goes to this fancy nightlife venue.

Dommelstraat 18
5611 CK Eindhoven

A traditional café, yet it has a contemporary feel.

Kerkstraat 26
5611 GJ Eindhoven

Loungebar with soul, funk and hiphop music.

Stratumseind 16
5611 ES Eindhoven

Every weekend a party at the best Villa of Eindhoven.

Stratumseind 20
5611 ES Eindhoven

Drinks and cocktailbar of Eindhoven. While enjoying a delicious drink you can enjoy the latest music and light shows.

Stratumseind 56
5611 EN Eindhoven

De FeestFabriek is DE shotbar van Stratumseind! Meer dan 150 shots, een enorme berg confetti en volle bak feest!