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Sissy Boy
Sissy Boy

Nieuwe Emmasingel 2
5611 AM Eindhoven

Sissy-Boy is a Dutch brand that has a global attitude to life. A brand that has a story to tell. And this story tells not only about clothing, but also...

Ici Paris XL | Demer
Ici Paris XL

Demer 40
5611AS Eindhoven

With over 13,000 products in the field of scents, cosmetics and skin care, ICI PARIS XL is a beauty specialist in the Netherlands. Our comprehesive, personal...

7 for all mankind
7 for all mankind

Hooghuisstraat 31 E
5611GS Eindhoven

Woman's and men's fashion with a speciality of denim.

Design Daily's
Design Daily’s

Gestelstestraat 234
5654 AM Eindhoven

The amusing gadgets and cool gifts in Design Daily's extensive collection are certainly not commonplace.

Emco lederwaren
Emco lederwaren

Aalsterweg 37
5615 CA Eindhoven

This leather goods shop sells suitcases and bags of every famous brand, all under the same roof.

Kameleon Sieraden

Heuvel Galerie 97 -99
5611 DK Eindhoven

Kameleon has jewelry of gold, silver, steel and titanium.

Nelson (premium) | Demer

Demer 31
5611 AP Eindhoven

Woman, men's and children's shoes, Nelson offers a wide range of shoes.

Onterfd Goed
Onterfd Goed

Sectie-C, hal 10
Daalakkersweg 2
5641 JA Eindhoven

At Onterfd Goed located in creative area: Sectie-C you will find hundreds of framed works of art, graphics, heritage objects and vintage in the so-called...

SCOOP! Store

Nieuwe Emmasingel 24
5611 AM Eindhoven

Scoopstore is a platform for upcoming labels.

Bookstore Van Piere
Boekhandel Van Piere

Nieuwe Emmasingel 48
5611 AM Eindhoven

Are you a bookworm? Van Piere is the place to go to in Eindhoven. Ample choice, professional shop assistants and great coffee. Van Piere is situated at...

Sacha | Heuvel Galerie

Heuvel Galerie 144
5611 DK Eindhoven

The shoe brand for men and women, Sacha, has its own and innovative view on fashion. This makes the brand unique and not-for-basics.

Juweliers Goldberg

Grote Berg 66
5611 KL Eindhoven

Purchase and sale of extraordinary jewellery in different styles which vary from authentic jewellery to contemporary jewellery. With or without diamants...

Lolly Pop Childeren's fashion Eindhoven
Lolly Pop

Vrijstraat 25
5611AT Eindhoven

Lolly Pop is a high quality children's shop with brands such as Armani, Gucci, Miss Grand and Fun Fun. They are known for their unique collection of party...

Bottle Shop Eindhoven

Geldropseweg 86 a
5611 SK Eindhoven

Bottle Shop is een moderne slijter met een uitgebreid assortiment speciaalbieren en wijnen.

Donna Li
Donna Li

Rechtestraat 19 A
5611 GL Eindhoven

Donna Li is a small, cosy boutique, where you can look around while enjoying fun, Caribbean music.

Hutspot Eindhoven
Hutspot Eindhoven

Nieuwe Emmasingel 44 - 46
5611 AM Eindhoven

Hutspot Eindhoven offers 700m2 full of pioneering brands and local design.

Kinder Outlet Store
Kinder Outlet Store

Lardinoisstraat 11
5611 ZZ Eindhoven

A children's clothing store with a wide variety of premium children's and baby wear for outlet prices.

Oil & Vinegar
Oil & Vinegar

Heuvel Galerie 139
5611DK Eindhoven

The culinary giftshop Oil & Vinegar.

Van Arendonk Schoenen
Van Arendonk

Hooghuisstraat 31
5611 GS Eindhoven

Luxurious ladies and men's shoes.

ONLY | Rechtestraat

Rechtestraat 12
5611 GP Eindhoven

ONLY offers quality clothes in the latest fashion trends.

MLJ Hoefsloot Sieraden
MLJ sieraden

Bergstraat 13
5611JX Eindhoven

Contemporary designed jewellery and watches.

Decathlon Eindhoven

Piazza 52
5611 AE Eindhoven

The largest sport store in the Netherlands. With a wide range of competitively priced sports clothing, sports shoes and other sporting goods.

Home Stock

Nieuwe Emmasingel 30
5611 AM Eindhoven

"Home Stock is the store where you'll find exactly what you're looking for and also that thing you did not know you were looking for it until you found...

Holland & Barret | Heuvel Galerie
Holland & Barrett

Heuvel Galerie 157
5611 DK Eindhoven

Holland & Barrett is a shop for beauty and health products.