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Hertogstraat 2
5611 PB Eindhoven

Second hand bookstore, destined for charity.

Smitje Stoffen

Kleine Berg 13
5611 JS Eindhoven

Extensive choice in haberdashery products, bridal wear and gala clothing.

Lucardy Juwelier Eindhoven Woensel
Lucardi Woensel

W.C. Woensel 65 B
5625 AD Eindhoven

At Lucardi Eindhoven Woensel you will find a large range of jewelry.

Yksi shop

Torenallee 22 -04
5617 BD Eindhoven

Design expo and shop.

Eppo Strips

Kleine Berg 33
5611 JS Eindhoven

Eppo Comics offers a wide variety in comic books, mangam board and card games. New, second-hand and collectors items.

Miss Etam
Miss etam

Heuvelgalerie 121
5611 DK Eindhoven

Miss Etam has an extended women's collection. Women who wear an average size, but also plus-size women and pregnant women can shop here. Also women who...

Hans Anders Opticien
Hans Anders

Hermanus Boexstraat 30 -32A
5611 AJ Eindhoven

Hans Anders creates glasses, lenses and hearing devices that everybody can afford.

Primark Eindhoven

Hermanus Boexstraat 1
5611AH Eindhoven

Primark is the store to go to if you are looking for the latest fashion trends without spending to much money.

Pieces Accessoires

Demer 17
5611AN Eindhoven

Pieces sells a wide range of accessories, bags, stockings, seasonal clothing, shoes, jewellery, scarfs, belts and women's basics.

Lamp Uniek
Lamp uniek

Vestdijk 34
5611 CC Eindhoven

For advice about light you definitely go to Lamp Uniek. They follow the latest trends of lighting. They only sell top brands in all kind of price ranges.


Hermanus Boexstraat 18
5611 AJ Eindhoven

Tenax Lederwaren has been situated in the city centre of Eindhoven for over 86 years and has a trustworthy and established name in the region.


Demer 17
5611 AN Eindhoven

Skechers is a footwear brand for men, women and children.


Demer 23
5611AN Eindhoven

Parfois is a women's fashion exceptional and irresistible accessoires brand affordable for everyone.

Bjorn Borg
Bjorn Borg

Heuvel Galerie 102
5611 DK Eindhoven

Underwear, shoes, socks and more Björn Borg products.

Doortje Vintage Fashion Webshop
Doortje Vintage

Franklinplein 2 A
5621 GA Eindhoven

Doortje Vintage Fashion Webshop offers an extensive selection of the best up-to-date vintage clothing.

Urban Shopper
Urban Shopper

Torenallee 60
5617 BD Eindhoven

The Urban Shopper is a unique and exclusive shopping paradise with over 20 extraordinary shops.

The Sting
The Sting

Demer 38
5611AS Eindhoven

The Sting offers a wide collection of men's and ladies fashion wear. Here, you are guaranteed to find an outfit for any occassion. Shirts, blouses, jackets...

Kringloopwinkel Terre des Hommes
Kringloopwinkel Terres des Hommes

Heezerweg 298
5643KM Eindhoven

Shop with second hand products. They also fight against child exploitation in developing countries.

Atelier Perfect

Grote Berg 39
5611 KH Eindhoven

Clothing repairs and dry cleaning.


Rechtestraat 18
5611 GP Eindhoven

Bershka characterizes itself as young and daring, aware of the latest trends and interested in music, social networks and new technologies.

All Denim
All Denim

Bergstraat 36 B
5611 JZ Eindhoven

The denim boutique of Eindhoven

Distrikt Nørrebro
Distrikt Nørrebro

Heuvel Galerie 185
5611 DK Eindhoven

Choosing Distrikt Nørrebro is saying that you care about style, about your looks, about quality, about showing mood and personality.

Mediamarkt Eindhoven Centrum

Boschdijktunnel 1
5611AG Eindhoven

The largest selection of consumer electronics.

Miss Billy
Miss Billy

Leidingstraat 30
5617 AJ Eindhoven

Meet Miss Billy. Inspired by the beauty of vintage and colours, collected from all over the world. All pieces are unique and have their own story.