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Roijers Outdoor Furniture

Kleine Berg 65
5611JT Eindhoven

Weather resistant furniture with high quality for your ultimate comfort.

Tien Tenen Kinderschoenen
Tien Tenen

Jan van Lieshoutstraat 12 A
5611 EE Eindhoven

Children's shoes, all top brands competitively priced.


Hooghuisstraat 16
5611 GT Eindhoven

Exclusive ladies and men's fashion.

Anna van Toor
Anna van Toor

Rechtestraat 33 A
5611 GM Eindhoven

Welcome to the world of Anna van Toor. A world where women play the main role and where style is the connecting factor.

My Jewellery
My Jewellery store

Kleine Berg 3
5611 JS Eindhoven

My Jewellery offers trendy jewellery, clothing and accessories!

McFlek Servicepoint B.V.
MC Flek

Marktstraat 6
5611 EA Eindhoven

At the Mc Flek establishments you can find an increasing number of services under the same roof, such as shoe-key-engraving-grinding, watch repairs, cardridge...

Bakkerij Houben Worstenbrood
Bakkerij Houben worstenbrood Eindhoven

Willemstraat 39
5611 HC Eindhoven

Houben sausage rolls are made with organic flour, sustainable minced meat and a nice mix of herbs and spices.

Pull & Bear
Pull and Bear

Demer 44
5611AS Eindhoven

Clothing for engaged, solidary and social young people. Young people who dress informal, don't care about stereotypes and want to feel comfortable.

Alix the Label
Alix the label

Hooghuisstraat 3
5611GS Eindhoven

A no nonsense fashion label with special items and luxury basics.

Hunkemöller | Rechtestraat

Rechtestraat 33
5611 GM Eindhoven

Hunkemöller, originally a Dutch company, is the largest high street lingerie brand of the Benelux. From bra's to panties, to swimwear and night wear.

I Love Depeche

Hooghuisstraat 11
5611 GS Eindhoven

Our style is Rock & Roll, cool looks yet very ladylike.


Heuvel Galerie 125
5611 DK Eindhoven

A wide selection of Grand Cru coffees and personal advice from the Nespresso coffee specialists.

Matenloos Kledingwinkel
Matenloos Eindhoven

Staringstraat 8
5611 Eindhoven

Cozy store that sells vintage, retro and curiosa.


Demer 12
5611AR Eindhoven

River Woods sells timeless classics for men, women, boys, girls and baby's.

Name It
Name it

Hermanus Boexstraat 10
5611AJ Eindhoven

Contemporary and affordable clothing for kids, tweens and teens.


Hooghuisstraat 8
5611 GT Eindhoven

Clothing & accessories of exclusive fashion brands.

Maison Scotch
Scotch & Soda

Rechtestraat 36 A
5611 GP Eindhoven

Scotch & Soda wants people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them, that’s why they make great garments that suit every individual.

Motta Art Books
Motta Art Books

Grote Berg 70
5611 KL Eindhoven

Specialised in books in the field of modern art, architecture, design, graphic design, photography, fashion, ethnography and art books for kids.


Kleine Berg 29
5611 JS Eindhoven

High quality optician that has something to offer for every eye.

Etos | Demer

Demer 2
5611AR Eindhoven

For over 100 years, Etos is all about beauty, health and personal care, affordable to everyone.

Dankers ledermode
Dankers Ledermode

Rechtestraat 57
5611 GN Eindhoven

Large collection ladies' and men's fashion of several brands such as Gipsy, Rino en Pelle, Rebel, Inspire, Donar, Jilani, Trapper, Legend, Fiore and many...

Søstrene Grene
Sostrene Grene

Rechtestraat 50
5611 GL Eindhoven

Each week, all Søstrene Grene shops receive a wealth of new, exciting products, and some are only sold for limited periods.


Heuvel Galerie 106
5611 DK Eindhoven

A wide range of sportive and comfortable shoes.

Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkin' Donuts

Piazza 25
5611 AE Eindhoven

At dunkin ’donuts you can go for your daily cup of coffee with a delicious donut or muffin. On the lowest floor of the Piazza you can even make your own...