Tips van Carl Cunard

Intelligentia ICE
"We got to meet the owner who explained the vision he had for his very impressive and busy store. He also treated us to one of his delicious home made ice creams."

Urban Shopper
"We had some free time to mingle as a group and explore a small shopping area which had different boutique stalls selling customised shoes, home goods and some very cool vintage clothes."

"It was a little chilly outside however we took full advantage of the huge open fire that was lit outside and blankets that were provided on the back of each of our chairs. The food was delicious and the glass of wine helped warm us up and wash the lovely food down perfectly."

Spa Aqua
"The spa was one of the nicest building I have seen, providing many services for men and woman and a perfect spot for the locals to come and relax after a long day at work or even just a few hours break from the kids."

"It was very elegant inside and offered a delicious mediterranean cuisine menu. The manager recommended we went for the tapas menu which offered some yummy prawns, oysters and to top it off a very delicious Macaron with Ice cream for desert."