Tips van Lorenne Blau

"No, it does not have the canals and coffee shops of Amsterdam but it does have great hotels, food, fashion, creativity, innovation, design and is rapidly developing a technology hub to become Europe’s Silicon Valley.‚Äč"

Blue Collar Hotel
"A converted factory that now had been transformed into a unique and quirky hotel with a hard rock theme. Electric guitars hanging from the walls, barrels and kegs above the bar with the pipes running down to the bar, it even had its own theatre. The beer was great, refreshing lagers, Trappist beers and burgers to die for. The place looked edgy, vibrant and cool but was incredibly warm and friendly. The place just buzzed."

Urban Shopper
"Another converted factory site containing a wide variety of products and a food hall, with places for the children to play, full of young families, warm, friendly and tastes from local producers and those from around the world. "  

"No alien artifacts but a skater’s dream, a wooden crafted skate park with ramps, rails, a half pipe and a big deep bowl."

Intelligentia Ice
"As with any shopping spree, we had to catch our breath… And what better place to do so if not at Intelligentia Ice, where we discovered flavours that blow the mind, exciting combinations in both ice cream and chocolate formats, one of the strangest was soy sauce sesame and red pepper!"

De Vooruitgang
"Lunch was not just a treat for the stomach but also one for the eyes. The restaurant’s design was breath taking, wine from the floor to the ceiling, at least 3 stories high if you include the open cellar (shortlisted for the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards)."

Van Abbemuseum
"After lunch we went on and discovered the Van Abbemuseum. A fun, interactive and amazing place. It was great and museums are not usually my thing!"