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9x Shopping in Woensel-West

Volta Galvani Woensel West

As a well-experienced shopper, de Bergen and Strijp-S are go-to shopping areas but there’s more. Woensel-West is the place to be for unique products and styles. In addition to the Woensel Westside Stores, you'll find a hodgepodge of fine shops in this area. These are our suggestions for shopping in Woensel-West!


For those looking for unique finds and sustainable alternatives, vintage might be the perfect solution. Selected with love, the following spots are full of lovely vintage finds.


One of the gems of Woensel-West: at Karoesell you can find the best second hand stuff, from crazy knick-knacks to a new outfit. You can also bring your own stuff that you no longer use. Extra sustainable!

Van Alles en Co

At Van Alles en Co, you make a true journey through time: with vintage interior products in styles from different cities, you can imagine yourself outside Eindhoven, for just a moment. Good to know: everything that catches your eye is for sale, even the chair you sit on during your shopping break.

Strange Avenue

Strange Avenue is an interior design store that does things just a little differently. In addition to vintage gems, the store is filled with all kinds of curiosities, according to their credo: 'there's no beauty without some strangeness'.

Van Alles & Co
Strange Avenue

Food shops

By this, we don't mean the large selection of restaurants with tastes from all over the world, but the entrepreneurs specialized in food goods. At these businesses, you shop for food to enjoy at home.


Slijter, wine shop, but even more appropriate is the title wine boutique for KURK on Edisonstraat. What makes this shop so special is that the entire range consists of organic products. Whether it comes to a special wine or a liqueur, all are carefully selected, tested, and organic.

Amazing Sang Lee

One store we don't want you to miss is Amazing Sang Lee. It might not be your first choice, but this Toko XL has been a household name in Eindhoven for over 35 years. This Asian supermarket is full of everything from homemade sambal to exotic vegetables. Tip: order some fresh specialties at the front of the shop!

Woenselse Markt

The Woenselse Markt (Woensel Market) isn’t really a shop but is still worth a visit. Stroll through Eindhoven's largest market for flowers, roasted nuts, and all the good things a weekly market has to offer.


Specialty stores

For a variety of specialties, you can visit Woensel-West. To make it easy for you, we take you to three of our highlights.

Velvet Music

VelvetMusic has moved! This specialty store in LP's was until recently located at Strijp-S but is now part of the Woensel Westside Stores. From Jazz to contemporary Pop, they're here to help you find your new favorite record.


MOSE and MORE is a true addition to the Woensel Westside Stores have a shop full of crafts. Shop here for a real leather bag, wallet or belt made in their own studio.

Hella’s Home

Are you shopping for a souvenir or a gift? Then you're bound to run into something at Hella's Home. In the colorful assortment, you can browse for handmade decorations, children's toys, and all kinds of other original products. Here you're a bit sweet!