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This former working-class area of Eindhoven has grown into a hip neighborhood where cultures, creativity, and eclectic architecture merge.


Cultures living side by side, starting artists, young families, creative people, and children in the street. You will find it all here. Don't forget to stop by the Woensel WestSide Stores on Edisonstraat. A motley crew of entrepreneurs make this a vibrant neighborhood with a diverse range of shops.

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KEVN: Kelderman & Van Noort

Woensel-West is bursting with creativity. Kelderman & Van Noort are one of the cornerstones of the creative community there, and they have been for over twelve years. They transformed the classrooms of an old school building into studios, and turned the gym into an exhibition space. 

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Woensel-West fun facts

The official name of this district is Groenewoud. It was feared that the name Woensel-West could be confused with a much larger area. However, a lot more people use the name Woensel-West.

This Eindhoven district has been improved by the advent of small stores and second-hand shops (WestSide Stores) in the Edisonstraat.

Housing project Volta Galvani was built as a multicolored oriental kashba and was nominated for the Dirk Roosenburg Prize 2015. You will find the colorful residential area on the Edisonstraat.