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Is Eindhoven worth it?

Dutch Design Week 2022

You guys ask Google a lot of questions about Eindhoven. But the gold medal goes to: Is Eindhoven worth it? A question that raises more questions, at least for us. What exactly do you want to know? We need a teeny tiny bit more information. Are you talking about living, studying, working, or visiting the city? The good news is the answer is yes, anyway. Read on quickly, and we'll tell you why! 

Just for the record. In this article, we answer the following questions: 

Is Eindhoven a good place to visit?

If you expect canals, tulips, and Delft blue clogs, then no. If you feel like going on an adventure, trying locally brewed beers, and diving into the beautiful world of design, then definitely, yes! Eindhoven is the city of innovation, creativity, and design, but even more of the future. We are known for our extraordinary architecture and industrial heritage, courtesy of our rich Philips’ history. But we warn you: Eindhoven is not a city for everyone. But if you’re adventurous and open to something different, then it might be just the city for you!

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Is Eindhoven a good place to study?

With a wide range of (inter)national educational institutions, Eindhoven has something for almost everyone. We are known as "hands down the most inventive city in the world" (Forbes). But this unconventional college town with a penchant for high-tech innovation and conceptual design is even better at throwing a party. 

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Is Eindhoven a good place to live?

Again, the only answer to this question is yes. We’ll give you tons of great reasons in a moment (pinky promise), but our best argument by far is Eindhoven's top score on Numbeo's 'Quality of Life' index. Of all the cities surveyed worldwide, Eindhoven secured second place. The score looks at safety, cost of living, healthcare, commuting, pollution, and price-to-income ratio. So we are proud of our second place! 

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Is Eindhoven a good place to work?

Eindhoven is the city of technology, design, and knowledge. Are you a professional in those fields? Then a brilliant career awaits you in Eindhoven. With companies such as ASML, NXP, and many startups, you can imagine yourself in Silicon Valley 2.0. Global players like VDL and DAF also have Eindhoven as their home base. Enough about all those smart companies. It’s the power of collaboration that makes Eindhoven worth working in. The Eindhoven philosophy: at the intersection of disciplines, innovation is born. We wholeheartedly agree! 

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The ultimate Eindhoven bucket list

Whether you're in Eindhoven for 24 hours or coming to live here, there are things you must have done either way. Such as visiting Dutch Design Week, attend a PSV soccer game and have a drink with panoramic views at VANE. 

Let's go!