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Is Eindhoven a good place to visit?

If you expect canals, tulips, and Delft blue clogs, then no. If you feel like going on an adventure, trying locally brewed beers, and diving into the beautiful world of design, then definitely, yes! Eindhoven is the city of innovation, creativity, and design, but even more of the future. We are known for our extraordinary architecture and industrial heritage, courtesy of our rich Philips’ history. But we warn you: Eindhoven is not a city for everyone. But if you’re adventurous and open to something different, then it might be just the city for you!

Design capital of the Netherlands

As a true design fanatic (in the making), you must know Dutch Design Week: Northern Europe's largest design event. A nine-day festival in Eindhoven where more than 2,000 designers from all over the world present their work. But Eindhoven is the design capital of the Netherlands all year round. We are the home of the Design Academy and, with it, a lot of up-and-coming talent. And renowned designers such as Piet Hein Eek and his empire at Strijp R. Long story short: there's a lot of design in Eindhoven Design District


City of events

You've heard enough about Dutch Design Week. Let's move on. Eindhoven is a city that is always buzzing. Whether it's Monday or Friday, there's always something going on. All. The. Time. From big events like GLOW, Step in the Arena, and STRP, to World BBoy Classic and So What's Next. Let's not forget bangers like Carnival and King's Day. These festivities draw people from all over the country (and far beyond) to Eindhoven. Prefer to go underground? For lovers of rough hardcore punk and minimal techno, Eindhoven is also the right place for a great night out. Check out these places for live music, for example! 

Delicious fun

In Eindhoven, we love ice-cold beer and good food. We have an excellent beer culture. So dive into one of the many beer breweries or bars. Hungry? Go for the favorite Dutch snack, the bitterbal. Indispensable while having a drink. Dining, snacking, toasting. The Burgundian lifestyle knows little boundaries. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to push those boundaries, go for a bite at one of these lesser-known spots.

Need more reasons?

Did you already know that Eindhoven is the shopping city of the South? Or that we have the ideal location if you look at the Netherlands? Let us convince you in another ten reasons to visit Eindhoven. See you soon!

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