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Dutch snacks: 6x Bitterballen

The bitterbal (or croquette ball) is the epitome of Dutch glory and is part of our cultural heritage list. This snack is crispy on the outside and gooey (and mega hot) on the inside. From traditional to veggie balls, and from veal ragout to cheese-filling, the range of this deep-fried morsel is impressive. The bitterbal is the snack to rule all snacks. Therefore, you can order them in almost any cafe or bar. We like to spice things up, so here's a list of places to try adventurous bitterballen.

Classic to Italian @Mathilde

Your hunt for exciting bitterballen better starts on the Kleine Berg. Because Mathilde has not one, not two, not three, but four (!) unique versions of this snack on the menu, and they also serve amazing shrimp croquettes, if you’re open to another shape. Here are your options: go classic with the meaty bitterbal, or cheesy with the Old Amsterdam one. Opt for the arancini (risotto bitterbal) if you're feeling Italian, or try the Leffe beer bitterbal for a little twist. Can’t choose? Order the mix and try them all!

Beers and bitterballen @De Bommel

A little further down the road, you will find De Bommel. A cozy pub with lots of regulars. Also very welcoming if you're still in need of a beer-serving home away from home. As befits a pub, beer and bitterballen are plentiful here. The decor may be a little traditional, but we promise you, the people are anything but. Visitors of every age come by to have a little (vegetarian) snack. Another tip: their daily menu is affordable and tastes pretty good. 

Oma Bob’s specialty @Calypso

The meat bitterbal dominates bars and cafes. That isn't a big surprise since this OG version of the snack was invented many years ago. Of course, we're thrilled about the invention, but plant-based people deserve amazing snacks too!. Fortunately, vegans and vegetarians can enjoy Oma (grandma) Bob's plant-based bitterballen at Calypso. Also deliciously vegan: the bitterballen at Vegan Heroes and de Hoogste Tijd. 


The choice is vast @Luzt 

De Markt (central market square) in Eindhoven is a paradise for the bitterbal lover. You can go for a scorching hot bite at almost every spot you find here. Luzt is no exception. Besides luxurious charcuterie boards, they also love the snack favorite of the Dutch. They deserve a place on this list with five kinds of bitterballen, including one with pulled pork. 

Mushroom mania @Stadsoase

A veggie bitterbal with a twist? The mushroom is quite popular as a vegetarian substitute. As it turns out, oyster mushrooms are the perfect filling for a bitterbal especially served with a kimchi dip, as Stadsoase does. Even if you’re not that into bitterballen, this ‘city beach’ is worth checking out!

Bitterballen with bugs @Brasserie Next, Evoluon

Are you a real snackpert? Then you've probably tried most types of bitterballen in the world. So you are, quite understandably, ready for a truly special bitterbal. Perhaps one with a futuristic spin? Brasserie Next at Evoluon serves them with buffalo worms. Crunchy! 

More bitterbal galore

We wouldn't want to stand between you and the "regular" bitterbal, whatever that means. That's why we also have a few more traditional bitterbal spots to add to your list: the restaurant of the Blue Collar Hotel, café Queen on the Market Square, the Frietbar in the center, and Strijp-S ... the list is endless. 

A guide to typical Dutch snacks

Attention snacksperts, adventurers, and sweet tooths: it's time to discover your new favorite snack. Are you unfamiliar with the Dutch snack scene (beside of bitterballen)? You'll learn all about typical Dutch snacks, from sweet to savory, and where to get them with our guide. Thank us later!

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