Getting around

Did you know Eindhoven is a '15-minute city'? This means (almost) everything you could possibly desire is within 15 minutes walking or biking, which are the best ways to get around town. Prefer public transport? The city has two train stations, dozens of bus connections, and plenty of cabs to take you from A to B.

General information

Want to be well-prepared for your journey? Then, of course, you can buy a ticket online. This is especially useful if you're traveling to Eindhoven from abroad. If you're staying within Eindhoven for a few days, you'll get quite far with your bank card; you can use it to check in and out. If you're staying for a longer period, an OV-chipkaart (public transport card) will come in handy. You can link various subscriptions to it, which is convenient if you travel the same route frequently.

To and from Eindhoven 

By train 

Eindhoven has two stations, Eindhoven Central Station and Station Strijp-S. Intercity trains and sprinters stop at both stations. You can check your journey using the Journey Planner on or Google Maps. Try NS International or Rome2Rio for booking international train travel.

By car 

All roads lead to... Eindhoven. From Amsterdam/Utrecht via the A2, from Rotterdam/Tilburg via the A58, from Antwerp via the A67, and from Arnhem/Nijmegen via the A50. Here you'll find all parking facilities in the city.

By Flixbus 

Cheap and eco-friendly with Flixbus. You can book a bus ride to Eindhoven from just about any European city, and vice versa. Note: the boarding point is just outside the Central Station, at John F. Kennedylaan 2.

By plane 

Eindhoven Airport is about 15 minutes away (by bus) from Central Station. A bus to and from the airport departs every 10 to 15 minutes to the city center, except after 9:00 pm. Important bus lines are 400 and 401.

The boring (but useful) basics

A good start, is half the battle. That is why we take you through the basic information that comes with a visit to Eindhoven at lightning speed: from getting around to currency, and weather to opening hours. We get it: not the most fun thing to start your trip with, but very useful.

All practical info

Traveling within Eindhoven

By bike 

When it comes to getting around the city, biking is the easiest and fastest option. You can easily rent a bike at various locations in the city, such as an ov-fiets (public transport bike) at Central Station or at Velorent at the NRE site. Prefer to be even quicker on the go? Rent a TIER bike!

By bus 

Taking the bus is also an option, and you can plan your journey using the 9292-app. Buses run from early morning until late at night, depending on the direction you want to go. You can board at Central Station or at one of the many bus stops in the city.

By car 

Sharing is caring! Not only is it nice that things are shared, but together we also make Eindhoven a bit greener. Rent an electric car-sharing vehicle from Greenwheels or Amber.

By e-scooter

Want to get from A to B quickly? Rent an e-scooter! You can do this with the GO Sharing app or Check. Online, you can immediately see the availability of scooters and where you can or cannot return them.

Getting around

From A to B and back? By train, bike, or sharable scooter? In our transporation guide, we'll help you to find your way in and around the city!

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