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10x Tips for a sustainable city trip

‘A sustainable visit’ may sound complicated. But it doesn't have to be! A little goes a long way, as they say. In this list, we share ten simple tips to make your visit to Eindhoven a little greener.  

Okay, can we have a moment to discuss the word sustainable? Not necessarily the sexiest term to describe your trip to Eindhoven ... or is it? In Eindhoven, we will show you that green can be cool. If you haven't already noticed, sustainability also means innovation, mixing in with the locals, and returning home with valuable memories. Sounds great if you'd ask us!

Come by train

Sit back and relax! Take the train, and your trip to Eindhoven will go a lot smoother. Say goodbye to stress about parking, and hello to the beautiful views of the Dutch countryside. In addition, you can pat yourself on the back for reducing your emissions. You can book almost all train journeys via NS. International train tickets too! Just fill in Eindhoven Centraal or Eindhoven Strijp-S as your final destination, and you're a little closer to visiting the city. 

Book an eco-certified hotel

Another thing to think about beforehand: how sustainable is my stay? Several hotels already meet the 'green key' standard, including the NH Collection Hotel, Hotel Eindhoven, and Hotel Parkzicht. These hotels are committed to making their business and accommodation more sustainable. You can also do your part: use your towel more than once and cut back on your time in the shower. 


Hop on your bike

Once in Eindhoven, you want to be able to move around quickly. The city is small and compact, but don't be fooled: it has a lot to offer! Bring a good pair of sneakers, and you’re ready to explore. Like to experience the city as a local? Then hop on a bike! You can rent a bike at the station (they’re called ov-fiets) and Velorent. Are you staying at The Student Hotel? They have a bike ready for you. Just ask at the desk.  

Make use of public transport

Ew! It's raining! Unfortunately, rain is not unusual for us Dutch (and nature loves it, obviously). That doesn't mean you must reach for the car keys immediately. If you have a little perseverance, you get on your bike. After all, everbody looks great in a poncho. Would you rather keep it dry? Then public transport is the answer. Or you can rent an electric scooter, bike, or car. We share all we know on this page

Refill & recycle

The first question you probably google before a vacation abroad is "Is it safe to drink tap water?" (same). It’s a definite yes for The Netherlands. And please do! So make sure to bring your refillable water bottle of choice. You can even fill your bottle outside at the public water taps of Brabantwater. If you do forget your bottle, make sure to return any plastic bottle you buy to the supermarket. And you will even get your deposit back. Or leave it in the orange holders on many park trash cans. People in need can collect these bottes and turn them in. 

Piet Hein Eek
Piet Hein Eek

Keep it clean and tidy

We won't waste too many words on this tip. Please don't leave your garbage lying around; throw it in the bin. That way, we can keep the city clean together. 

Shop sustainably

A sustainable citytrip does not mean that shopping is forbidden. On the contrary! For example, go vintage shopping at one of the vintage stores. Not only will you get great stuff here (from 80's ski suits to second-hand designer clothing), but you'll also make sure it doesn't end up in a landfill. Extra tip: if you prefer to buy something new, opt for a local design or use the Renoon app. This app will guide you toward sustainable brands. 

Eat green

There are many ways to eat greener in Eindhoven. First of all, we refer you to our vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Would you still like meat on your plate? There are other ways to compensate! For example, book a table at the Indian restaurant Foodgasm, where they work as little as possible with packaging materials. Or drop by PHOOD, the world's first aquaponic farm restaurant. Here they grow all kinds of vegetables in their indoor greenhouse. This way, they are not dependent on the weather, and enjoy 365 days of spring


Do your part

It may be a bit unconventional to volunteer during your vacation, but in Eindhoven, we like to do it a little differently. Volunteering contributes to the social aspect of sustainability by connecting with locals and giving something back to your temporary city. Roll up your sleeves during Eindhoven's most significant events like Dutch Design Week and GLOW (win-win), or help out in the community garden of PHOOD. Find more (one-time) volunteer work here.

Get the most out of your trip

Of course, we love to see you back in Eindhoven. But why not try to get the most out of your trip while you're here? So, you can discover a new spot next time. Mega sustainable! How to get the most out of Eindhoven? Dive into all the city districts, and *especially* don't skip Woensel-West and Kanaalzone. And listen to the locals, they know best! From hidden street art to hidden city gardens, they will tell you all about it on this page. Can you still use a helping hand? Our guide called 'the greenest side of Eindhoven' is full of sustainable tips for everyone who likes to be kind to our planet or grab a temporary guide at the following spots.