Food & drinks

Check out our culinary hotspots and discover what Eindhoven has to offer when it comes to food and drinks. From an early breakfast to a late-night dinner, and from locally brewed beer to coffee served by the world's most enthusiastic baristas: Eindhoven has something for everyone.

Grand Café De Lichttoren

Don't know what you'll be craving later?

Then DOWN TOWN Gourmet Market is just the place for you. The big bar in the middle of the hall is surrounded by over twenty food trucks, serving sandwiches, pizza, sushi, tacos, hotdogs, pintxos and much more. 

Inspire your tummy

Would you rather cook for yourself?

Then pay a visit to the daily market in Vershal het Veem. In this hall of a former Philips factory, you will find a brewery, herb shop, butcher, nut store, bakery, and patisserie. And an Albert Heijn, in case you'd rather throw a frozen pizza in the oven after all.

Ready, chef!