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9x Restaurants you need to visit at least once

When it comes to dining out, some places are tried and true classics. They come highly recommended for a reason. These are the kind of restaurants you'll fall in love with (and we don't blame you). Maybe it's the delicous menu, the enchanting location, or the unique stories about the place. Whatever the reason, the following classics should be firmly on your bucket list. Discover them all and tell your friends!

Grand Café De Lichttoren

One of the most iconic places in Eindhoven to have dinner is Grand Café De Lichttoren. Back in 1921, this industrial building used to be the light bulb factory of Philips. On the top floor, the longevity of the light bulbs was tested. These bright lights were visible far and wide! Over a hundred years later, this breathtaking hotspot is now the perfect place to enjoy your day to the fullest, from your morning coffee to an extended dinner with friends. The industrial look? Still there!

De Lichttoren
De Lichttoren


Let's travel back in time! In 1825, one of the first Dutch military police barracks was built in Eindhoven. Together with the adjacent 1925 warehouse, Kazerne is now a thriving hotspot in Eindhoven for design, food, and drinks. Chef Giovanni Gabana whips up an unforgetable meal with ease. You can even spend the night at the design hotel! One thing is certain: you need to visit this place.

Dinner in Motion

For an unforgettable experience, Dinner in Motion is the place to be. Immerse yourself in one of the fantasy worlds, from underwater realms to dining alongside the Mona Lisa. You’ll be surrounded by the most captivating visuals. Even your plate is part of the narrative! Settle down at the communal table and enjoy an elaborate 6-course dinner. For something even more unique, consider their themed specials like Halloween, GLOW, or Christmas.

Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek

At the Piet Hein Eek complex, you don't have to go hungry. Recently taken over by Chef Erling, the restaurant and grand café offer delightful surprises with each visit, depending on what the local farmers have available. All their ingredients come from a 45-kilometer radius of Eindhoven. Are you craving some unique and crispy fries instead? Make a pit stop at FRIET by Piet.


With a panoramic view of the city center, restaurant VANE is Eindhoven’s ultimate culinary highlight. Situated at the top of the Green Tower, it promises a gastronomic journey filled with an explosion of flavors, courtesy of Chef Carlo Chantrel. Our tip: conclude your dinner with a refreshing cocktail in the sky bar. 

Brasserie NEXT

When talking about futuristic venues, the Evoluon cannot be missed. This "flying saucer" from 1966 is home to inspiring exhibitions, conferences, and events, but also for exciting food experiences. At Brasserie NEXT, technology, nature, and human innovation come together. What does that mean? The menu is full of innovative dishes, such as CBD-infused space cake or the jellyfish salad. Definitely a must-try if you’re the adventurous type. Is the location already exciting enough for you? They also serve classics like a goat cheese salad or club sandwich. 

Radio Royaal
Radio royaal

Radio Royaal

Looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience amidst the machinery of Strijp-S? Look no further than restaurant Radio Royaal! The Machinekamer, which once used to keep Strijp-S up and running, has been transformed into an industrial-style restaurant serving exceptional German-French cuisine. This will be love at first sight (or bite)! Want to hone your culinary skills? Follow a workshop at the Kookfabriek.


At the helm of Goyvaerts are the three Eindhoven brothers, Jip, Yelle, and Jesse Goyvaerts. Before joining forces for restaurant Goyvaerts, they were all stealing the show at several Michelin-starred restaurants. Nowadays, you’ll find Goyvaerts inside the beautiful church of DOMUSDELA. Fun fact: their restaurant is situated in the old refectory, the old dining hall from the days this was still a monastery. You can expect internationally oriented dishes with French influences and perfect matching wines. Simply divine!



Hand in hand with the neighboring machinekamer (hello, Radio Royaal), these two buildings once powered ‘the forbidden city’ of Strijp-S. Fast forward to today, Ketelhuis is one of the most buzzing places at Strijp-S. With its ever-changing menu, you’re in for delightful surprises each time. Especially with their homemade bread, sustainably caught fish or meat, and matching wines from Slovenia. Don't want to go home early? Stay for a drink or dance the night away.


After all this delicious food, it’s time to kick back and relax. Luckily, there are design hotels at Kazerne and Piet Hein Eek. Looking for something less artistic? Just a few steps away from Dinner in Motion (WestCord Hotel), Goyvaerts (Hotel Marïënhage), VANE (Hotel NH Collection), and Ketelhuis (Blue Collar Hotel), you can find a comfortable bed. That's one way to relax after a meal!