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Best-kept secrets: 9x Restaurants off the beaten track

It’s pretty easy to find all the hotspots in the city center.. But where do the locals hang out? Look no further; we have gathered the ten best-kept secrets for foodies. What are you waiting for? Book yourself a table! 


Gather your fellow food enthusiasts and head to Frank for a shared dining experience in the heart of Woensel-West. This hotspot has it all: a quirky interior, lots of veggie dishes, natural wine galore, and exceptional flavors. Keep an eye on this district; it's gradually becoming the trendiest spot in town, thanks to gems like Frank.


Locals love to go to Gusto-040, especially on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Because they’re in on a little secret: there's a special menu available these days. Great when you don't feel like cooking but still want a nutritious meal. Another must-try are the (vegetarian) tapas. Enjoy!

Restaurant Iris

If you scroll through the Insta-feed of this restaurant, you know: it's cozy up there. This restaurant is in the Iris neighborhood (hence the name), and has the atmosphere of an old-school pub with food that makes you come back. Buckle up, and be amazed by the great atmosphere, the hidden courtyard(!), and the monthly changing menu with seasonal vegetables in the lead. Yummy!


Spaans Centrum

It doesn't get more authentic than this: Spaans Centrum, or Spanish Center, is the place to enjoy everything the Spanish cuisine offers. Their specialty: seafood. As befits a hidden gem, they don’t have a website or a digital menu. And you can’t make reservations. Just go to Strijp and have a taste! 

Hout Pizzeria

On the square at Leenderweg, you can imagine yourself in Naples for an evening ... food-wise! A brief lesson in history: the wood-fired Neapolitan beauty, uh, pizza as we know it (or at least should know it) comes from this Italian port. And at Hout Pizzeria, they serve the OG. Thin bottom, airy crust, and very flavorful with an Italian birra. 

Kam Po

An adapted version of the Chinese-Indonesian cuisine is quite popular in the Netherlands, but for authentic Chinese dishes, you should go to Kam Po on the Kruisstraat. The menu is almost ridiculously large and requires some detective-like skills. You could save time by blindly trusting our favorites: roasted pork belly, Ha Kaw (glassy steamed dumpling), and scallops. 



You know you're in for a treat when a restaurant is named after the chef's mother. Mo's Moroccan restaurant Chomicha in Woensel-West is a fusion of traditional dishes, new flavors, aromas, and colors. The menu says it all: the bastilla with chicken is a must, and the tagine with lamb and the date cake make our hearts beat faster.


Work, celebrate, and eat. All sorts of things happen around the dining table; it's an important moment of connection. With this philosophy in mind, a group of friends runs the Indian restaurant Foodgasm at Willemstraat. Good atmosphere: check. Authentic dishes: check. Not entirely unimportant to mention is their commitment to sustainability. Think reusable glass jars for their to-go curry’s. Kind to the environment: double check! 

Valli's Corner

Last, Valli's Corner, named after its owner Valli. In her tropical restaurant on the Edisonstraat, you'll get to know all kinds of Asian influences, including those from her homeland Malaysia. Her food is a tribute to traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation. Would you like to cook as well as the chef herself? Then check out her workshops!