Plan your trip

From practical information to restaurant tips, this page provides useful tips and information on planning your visit.


Suppose you want to plan a day trip or weekend getaway to Eindhoven, but you don't know where to start. Well, this is it! This is your starting point. You might want to start by choosing your accommodation or plan your journey with our transport guide. Of course you can also read up on practical matters such as the weather and Wi-Fi or dive into one of our restaurant guides. You know what they say: sharing is caring!

Have you picked up one of our physical city guides? You can do so at various locations throughout the city. This guide, just like this page, is full of tips to get the most out of your Eindhoven trip.

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The boring (but useful) basics

A good start, is half the battle. That is why we take you through the basic information that comes with a visit to Eindhoven at lightning speed: from getting around to currency, and weather to opening hours. We get it: not the most fun thing to start your trip with, but very useful.

All practical info

Tips for a sustainable trip in Eindhoven

We can talk at length about the term sustainable or we can talk about ten practical tips to make your trip sustainable. A little goes a long way, shall we say. We share ten simple tips to make your visit to Eindhoven greener.

Let's go green!