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Volta Galvani Woensel West

Did you manage to get your hands on a temporary city guide?You're one of the lucky few! In this guide, our locals share their best tips and hotspots. Be generous like them, and pass along this booklet to your best friend, your mom, or even your neighbor when you're done using it.

You can also return it wherever you found it, or leave it in another inspiring spot. Is your copy a bit dog eared? No worries! Return (or share) it either way. You can put your booklet back in one of the designated displays at the following locations.


  • Hotel The Match 
    Kleine Berg 43

  • Coffeelab Eindhoven CS
    Stationsplein 23

  • The Social Hub
    Stationsweg 1

  • Hotel Mariënhage
    Kanaalstraat 4

  • Blue Collar Hotel
    Klokgebouw 10

  • Hotel Piet Hein Eek
    Beeldbuisring 201

  • Intell Hotels Art Eindhoven
    Mathildelaan 1

The boring (but useful) basics

A good start, is half the battle. That is why we take you through the basic information that comes with a visit to Eindhoven at lightning speed: from getting around to currency, and weather to opening hours. We get it: not the most fun thing to start your trip with, but very useful.

All practical info