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9x Hidden gems

Previously we shared the ten (!) best-kept secrets in the restaurant scene, but you might be craving more hidden goodness in Eindhoven. The most unique spots can be hard to find, but you don't have to play hide-and-seek to find them. From cultural newcomers to a dumpling bar in the backyard of the Catharinakerk, we tip all of them in this list of hidden gems.

Residency for the People

Residency for the People is a place for creatives to shape their plans. The little garden next to St. Catherine's Church is a great place to hang out with cocktails, beers, or delicious dumplings. An absolute must-try: the chocodumpling (aka the unicorn among dumplings. the choco-version). You may easily walk past this spot in this street full of fantastic venues, like El Pastor and the Burger. Not anymore! PS, do you know what's really hidden about this place? The toilet! You have to go through a bookshelf to find it. Isn't that fun?

Albert van Abbehuis

Albert van Abbehuis wants to introduce society to the worlds of science, design, and technology. An excellent match with Eindhoven, we believe. The former villa of Albert van Abbe functions as a multiplatform for contemporary art exhibitions, hackathons, meet-ups, interactive workshops, performances, and groundbreaking lectures. In other words, creativity is all over. And all within close reach: you'll find the Albert van Abbe House located across from the Van Abbemuseum.

KEVN expo Woensel West


It doesn't get much more industrial than this. In an old Philips factory building on De Hurk, you can go to SUBBAR for lunch, meetings, and the most incredible parties! You need to travel a bit, but it's definitely worth it. The new owner and driving force are Plan-B. Under one roof, they provide a workspace for creative entrepreneurs, startups, artists, and designers. As a result, there is plenty of space for them to shape their plans and for you to taste them. Like literally ;) 


When discussing sustainable shopping, the term "vintage" quickly comes to mind. Not only is vintage shopping better for the environment, but it is also an easy step towards a sustainable mindset. Where in Eindhoven can you look for this vintage? The city has plenty of vintage stores, but there is also a hidden gem: Loads040. Located at the Aalsterweg, you will find an old industrial warehouse where you can go for the most unique vintage finds. Under the roof of Loads040, a handful of entrepreneurs offer their second-hand interior treasures. Great if you want to (re)decorate your home, but you're more than welcome to just have a look!

Around Coffee Vestdijk

Around Coffee

An authentic Mexican paradise is hidden in the VDMA courtyard on the Vestdijk. Around Coffee is an excellent place to start your morning with South American coffee, kick off your afternoon with authentic tacos and magnificant ceviche, and last but not least: jump into the weekend during the 'vrijmibo'. Owners Theo and Enrique can't wait to welcome you. See you there!


Temporary Art Centre (TAC) is a breeding ground for cultural innovation opposite the Philips Stadium. They think it is essential that promising culture makers from all disciplines get a chance to develop and show themselves. At TAC, this is possible in many ways: there are studios, rooms for exhibitions and parties, you can have a beer, and, not to forget, the green inner garden. Currently, TAC is under construction due to a massive renovation. But not to worry: until then, they organize expos at other locations. Keep an eye on our events calendar for this.


We have to mention it again: KEVN. In case you've never set foot in Woensel-West or couldn't think of a good reason. This is the home of makers and viewers with studios, changing exhibitions, and a bar opposite Eindhoven Strijp-S station. There's plenty on Kelderman and van Noort's agenda, from Mexican-themed evenings to dazzling DJs. Don't miss out!


Sectie-C: THE POOL, Juuts & OST

Fasten your seatbelts for a tour of Sectie-C! You might know this design area as a fixed part of the annual Dutch Design Week, but we would like to give you more reasons to visit this hidden piece of Eindhoven. Sectie-C is the creative home for over 200 artists, makers, and other creatives. You'll find exhibitions, parties, and food trucks here regularly. The new kid on the block is THE POOL. In this cultural clubhouse, everyone is welcome and encouraged to meet each other. So don't wait any longer and immerse yourself in Eindhoven's most artistic pool.

All finished exploring and meeting people? For a well-deserved lunch, you simply must drop in at Juuts. And don't miss the Friday afternoon drinks either. Worth a tip just for the unique beers and wines!

Even if you prefer to organize something yourself, you can come to Sectie-C. OST is a (temporary) event space where they host their own events, but you can also pitch in with your own ideas. The former Club C is open to everything from theater performances to beer tastings. Knock on Sven and Louis' door or be surprised by their own agenda. 


The former Philips ceramic workshop at Strijp R is no longer unknown territory for the enthusiastic DDW-er (and design lover). Soon the Piet Hein Eek terrain will be home to a store, restaurant, exhibition space, store, and hotel, as well as the local jewelry label Tweek-Eek showroom. It won't be long before you can admire the creations of sisters Roos and Geertje. Where? They will have their own gallery inside the existing showroom. Best of both worlds, we reckon.