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Your local guide: Roos & Geertje

Are you visiting Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week? Then you’ll find yourself in a whirlwind of emerging talent. Outside of this ten-day festival, the city is buzzing, too. Especially if we are to believe Roos and Geertje Eek from Eindhoven jewelry label Tweek-Eek.

Eindhoven is their hometown, their safe haven, with Strijp as its absolute center. Yes, they do leave town every once in a while. We promise! But there is just lots to discover within the city walls. They will tell you about their favorite (design) spots, the all-important vibe, and why you should experience it, too. Like to come along?

08:30 Rent a bike

Roos and Geertje are fans of Strijp, and this guide will take you there. Are you arriving at Eindhoven Central Station? Then hire a public transport bike, and you are there in less than 10 minutes. Strijp-S also has a train station. Even better!

09:00 Breakfast and a cup of tea at 't Koffiehuisje

No day of Geertje and Roos starts without tea. Preferably one made of fresh ginger. Because, as they say, they enjoy the simple things in life. They prefer to fill their thermos with homemade tea, but drinking a cuppa at 't Koffiehuisje is also a favorite. It's a historic spot since this is where the very first Etos was located; the drugstore founded by Philips. Back to the tea! Which is 'the new coffee,' according to Roos. Because: “more flavors and crazy options.” Mark their words. Juices, sandwiches, fresh croissants. Breakfast is also super tasty here, and the banana bread is a must-try. Did you know everything tastes better on a Sunday? Does your day start downtown? Then you must go to Around Coffee, which you can find in the courtyard of the VDMA building. “This place belongs to Theo, and he knows what's good,” says Roos. During summer, on Fridays, he hosts ultra-fun afternoon drinks. Be there, or be square! 

't Koffiehuisje

10:00 Strijp R, a source of inspiration

You can find Roos and Geertje about five or six days a week in their studio at Strijp R. This transformed piece of land, formerly the ceramic workshop of Philips, is now the site of Piet Hein Eek, among others, and a mishmash of other designers and bright minds. Among them is the twins' studio, under the name Tweek-Eek. The differences in disciplines, age, and experience create a unique dynamic. And you can feel it immediately! The best thing to do is to peek in on the neighbors. Studio RENS is the perfect tip. 

10:30 Design shopping at the Tweek-Eek showroom

Okay, shopping is not yet an option as the construction of the Tweek-Eek showroom is still in full swing. Do keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, check out the skeleton while you browse the Piet Hein Eek showroom. Not bad either! A word about the designs of Roos & Geertje. They make their collections using existing machines from local companies. Roos: “Normally, such a machine cannot deviate from a process. Everything is so precise, but that experimental element is handy in our designs.” The machines they work with are actually not meant to make jewelry at all, but rather something like airplane parts. Which makes it much easier for them to make their jewelry in the Netherlands. Would you like to admire the designs with your own eyes? Then go downstairs to the shop!

Tweek-Eek sieraden
Tweek-Eek sieraden

11:00 Chilling between the green

Have you done your rounds at Strijp R? Then you'll find the lovely Philips de Jongh Wandelpark at a stone's throw away! It's one of the many monuments that Philips left to the city. And it's named after Anton Philips' wife: Anna Philips de Jongh. Ideal for a breath of fresh air or a picnic. Tip for the future from Roos: "The Wielewaal country estate. The Philips family used to live there, but this beautiful piece of greenery will be open to the public. All we have to do is wait." 

12:00 A cup of coffee at KEVN

Soaking up culture is part of a visit to Eindhoven and KEVN is a mega tip in Woensel-West for that. "There's an excellent atmosphere," according to the ladies. "They also organize Mexican nights with tacos, super tasty." Not only are the theme nights popular, but Geertje and Roos are also fans of the inhabitants (read pacesetters) and the building itself. That's not a big surprise since the old school building got nominated for the Dirk Roosenburgh Architecture Prize 2021. "Love at first sight," according to Roos and Geertje. Enjoy this fine piece of design from inside the café or get inspired by the current expo. 

From both the Philips de Jongh Park, Strijp R and Woensel-West, Strijp-S is just a short walk away. The sisters call Strijp "the heart of the city." Not just because they live and work there, but because it's so bustling. A lot has changed in recent years, positively. For example, with its vertical greenery, the Trudo Tower has enriched the view, and you can still chill out on the grass at the Ketelhuisplein. 


13:00 Admiring Architecture

Speaking of architecture,  Roos adds: "In Eindhoven, we are so good at innovating existing property. I always brag about that, for example, when in Paris. Hello, we're converting old factories into new apartments! That's so cool." So be sure to look up where you detect a mix between old and new. Haasje Over (that striking red building) and Anton are great examples. In the red one, Roos managed to get a studio. Lucky her.

13:30 Lunch at Ketelhuis

Eating out is not a necessity for the twins, but if they do go out, you will spot them at Het Ketelhuis. Most important is the atmosphere. The food is "super tasty," and the cocktails are just as noteworthy. Recommended are the sake sour or the cocktail à la Sam (when a good friend is working behind the bar). Please don't ask them what’s in it, but they do recommend it. And don't miss out on the paella night on Sundays. Delicious! 

Genneper Hoeve

15:30 Lots of nature at the Genneper Hoeve  

After a dose of design, Genneper Hoeve is a great place to clear your head. At least, that is how Geertje and Roos do it. Escape the buzz for a while and experience the other side of Eindhoven, the green one. At the Genneper Hoeve, you can tap the milk, collect eggs and buy goodies in the farm store. 

17:00 A downtown dinner at Gezana

All that inspiration will make you hungry. Eritrean restaurant Gezana on the Willemstraat is an excellent tip to satisfy your hunger. "The people are nice; the vibe is good. It's one family. That just makes a restaurant. The cool thing is you share a big plate full of delicious food here. All kinds of stews to try that you eat with a kind of pancake-like bread called injera." Other tips from the duo are New Oriental Food City, the Pizzabus at Strijp, and the Dumpling Club (or Residency for the People). Roos: "They serve experimental dumplings, and the toilet is behind a bookcase."


20:00 Call it a night

Okay, maybe you're not ready to end your Eindhoven design adventure just yet. Want to extend your stay for a night? The options are endless! Look at one of the design hotels - read at your own risk!