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Eindhoven is a municipality and a city located in the Netherlands. The city has a surface of 88,84 square kilometres and a population of over 231.000, making it the largest city in the south of the Netherlands. Eindhoven is centrally located in Europe and easily accessible via Eindhoven Airport (or one of three other airports within a 1,5-hour radius).
Eindhoven is bursting with energy. And we are glad to share it with you. When you google innovation, it is no coincidence that the first images you find are light bulbs. Over 125 years ago, Philips brought light to Eindhoven. The company transformed the city into a vibrant industrial success story. Nowadays, Eindhoven is a bustling city in transition, with a constant flow of new developments in creativity, innovation, technology, design, and knowledge.

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Discover our broad selection of hotspots, highlights, events, and other activities to help you get to know the design capital of the Netherlands. Visit the city center for shopping and dining, wander through Eindhoven’s technological past and future at the Strijp-S site or explore one of the other exciting city districts. Discover Eindhoven’s vibe, both in popular hangouts and off the beaten track.

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Eindhoven is a city bursting with energy, and we are glad to share it with you! Take a look at our 10 reasons why a visit to Eindhoven is worthwhile.

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