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Is Eindhoven a good place to live?

Again, the only answer to this question is yes. We’ll give you tons of great reasons in a moment (pinky promise), but our best argument by far is Eindhoven's top score on Numbeo's 'Quality of Life' index. Of all the cities surveyed worldwide, Eindhoven secured second place. The score looks at safety, cost of living, healthcare, commuting, pollution, and price-to-income ratio. So we are proud of our second place! And off all the reasons below, obviously.

15-minute city 

Did you know that Eindhoven is a so-called 15-minute city? That's an urban development concept where you can reach most daily necessities and services in 15 minutes by bike or foot. That means your work, school, a hospital, or soccer field are never far away. Well, never more than 15 minutes, at least.

Trudo Toren

International character

Ciao! Are you from another country? You're not the only one! In Eindhoven, we have about 156 nationalities. So there are numerous languages spoken. Italian is great, but we understand English a little better here. Did you know the Dutch are the best non-native English speakers worldwide?  That means you can have a pleasant conversation with almost everyone you meet. Our cuisine also expresses our international character: from Spanish tapas to Eritrean Injera's, you can taste all cultures in Eindhoven

The second greenest city in the Netherlands

Eindhoven is no classic beauty but charming nonetheless. Either way, we like to focus on different qualities. Let's talk about nature. You wouldn't say so at first glance, but Eindhoven is the second greenest city in the Netherlands after Almere. No lie. Eindhoven's parks, innovative greenery like the magnificent Trudo Tower, and projects to make the city center greener are proof of that. Want a good look at how green we actually are? Have a cocktail at Vane Skybar, and you'll have a beautiful city view!

Typical Dutch

Brunch at Easter, watching Robert ten Brink on Christmas Eve and partying in crazy outfits during Carnival. Dutch culture is *chef's kiss* to say the least. Let's start off with the basics: a guide where you'll learn all about Dutch snack culture.