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10x Reasons to visit Eindhoven

Lichttoren Eindhoven

Eindhoven is bursting with energy. And we are glad to share it with you. Here are ten reasons to visit Eindhoven! 

Off the beaten track

Eindhoven is generally not considered to be the most beautiful city in the world. But Eindhoven definitely is the most vibrant and exciting one. A city off the beaten track, a city that surprises and invites you to explore for yourself. A city definitely worth visiting.

Industrial heritage

More than 125 years ago Philips brought light to Eindhoven. The company turned Eindhoven into a vibrant city bursting with innovation, technology and design. Industrial heritage, such as old Philips factories and power stations throughout Eindhoven, has been transformed into trendy shops, exceptional restaurants, luxury lofts and creative workplaces. This transformation is clearly visible in many parts of the city, for example in the districts of Strijp S,T & R.

Exciting crossovers

Eindhoven is the city of Technology, Design and Knowledge. A fascinating combination that make Eindhoven an unconventional and extraordinary place. Here, engineers and creatives work closely together on groundbreaking projects. These crossovers give Eindhoven its exciting energy and make it an international top city for innovation.


Dutch design capital

Eindhoven is bursting with design. With Design Academy Eindhoven and the world famous Dutch Design Week (DDW) as the largest design event in Northern Europe, Eindhoven can justifiably call itself the design capital of the Netherlands. Discover it for yourself, not only in October during the DDW, but throughout the year with tours, design in the public space and exhibitions in design studios.

Student city

Eindhoven is bursting with international top talent. Every year, Design Academy Eindhoven and the Technical University attract hundreds of new students from the Netherlands and abroad that come to Eindhoven to realize their dreams. They give the city an international energy, 365 days a year.


Cycling city

Even in the field of cycling Eindhoven is innovative. Take the luminous Van Gogh Roosegaarde Cycle Path, for example, inspired by Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and designed by designer Daan Roosegaarde. Or how about the Hovenring, the world's first ever floating bicycle path? Choose from one of the different routes or jump on your bike and discover for yourself. No cycling fanatic? Eindhoven has a good network of buses, taxis and trains.

Central location

Eindhoven is centrally located in both the Netherlands and Europe. Cities like Antwerp, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and London are within 1.5 hours reach.

Eindhoven Airport

More than 75 destinations in Europe fly to Eindhoven Airport. The second largest airport in the Netherlands is well connected by bus. It is a fifteen-minute drive from the city center. 

Emma District
Urban Culture

Shopping city of the South

You'll discover the best shops in Eindhoven. Whether you are looking for high fashion, small-scale initiatives, Dutch design, local markets or vintage stores, Eindhoven is by far the shopping city of the south of the Netherlands. Ideal: shops in the center are open seven days a week.

Vibrant urban culture

In recent years Eindhoven has developed into a breeding ground for urban culture. At various locations throughout the city, elements of modern street culture are presented all year round. Highsnobiety, for example, once mentioned Eindhoven in 8 of the Best Cities for Graffiti that are Off the Beaten Path.