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This is

Week 8

Sneak peek: STRP Festival

10 days of visual art, exciting technological perspectives, performances, lectures and open discussions.

6x Valentine's Day Tips

Kei Like_kunstobject in Eindhoven

For a romantic day or night in the city!

6 places

for startups


opening hours

Get off the

beaten track in Eindhoven

Jess Oberlin presents Eindhoven

A Share the Vibe video made by a woman. Nothing unusual, right? Well maybe it is. The latest release is by Jess Oberlin. We give her a call to talk about the video.

Good to have you around.

Eindhoven is bursting with energy. And we are glad to share it with you. 

It's winter time in Eindhoven! Check out our tips.

10 reasons to study in Eindhoven.

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