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Dutch Design Week 2018

Veem - Dutch Design Week
October 20 until 28

5x Eindhoven Designers at Dutch Design Week

You Are Here - Dutch Design Week

Are you interested in meeting world-class designers based in Eindhoven? Then these makers are definitely worth a visit.

10 must sees during DDW

Don't know where to begin? We get you started with these 10 must sees during your visit to DDW.

Hidden Gems Bicycle Tour

Hidden Gems Tour 2018
Dutch Design Week Tour

Autumn in Eindhoven

headerbeeld herfst in Eindhoven

6 places for startups in Eindhoven


Eindhoven: A city of design

VDMA - Maarten Baas Makes Time

Innovation, collaboration, invention, reinvention -- all with an eye on technology and design. That's the DNA of Eindhoven, the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands.

Food & drinks

8 DDW Design Areas

Dutch design week in het VEEM Eindhoven

Go off the

beaten track in Eindhoven