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Een Kei Fijne Film

Eindhoven presents: "Een Kei Fijne Film" - A holiday short film with the city as the backdrop and its inhabitants in the leading role.

Eindhoven Weekly

This is week 47

Find out what's on in Eindhoven this week!

Fijne Feestdagen Festival

Fijne Feestdagen Festival

The upcoming weeks, Eindhoven is bustling with winter events which will quickly arouse the favourite, festive spirit.

Autumn in Eindhoven

headerbeeld herfst in Eindhoven

6 places for startups in Eindhoven


Eindhoven: A city of design

Dutch Design Week

Innovation, collaboration, invention, reinvention -- all with an eye on technology and design. That's the DNA of Eindhoven, the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands.

10 Eindhoven Instagram Posts | GLOW

GLOW markt

We've selected some of our Instagram favorites during GLOW for you to enjoy!

Food & drinks

This is Dinner in Motion

Dinner In Motion

Eindhoven welcomes a new, special restaurant. Or as they like to call it at Dinner in Motion: the most special restaurant in the Netherlands. That statement made want to know more..

6 kids activities in November

FFF 18 sint intocht

Get off the

beaten track in Eindhoven