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48 Hours in Eindhoven

Ever fancied spending a weekend in Eindhoven? Consider this your sign. The design capital of the Netherlands might not be for everyone, but we're here for those who appreciate a little something different. If you can't get enough of futuristic architecture, coffee spots with a story, and all things design, we've gathered all the insider tips for the perfect 48 hours in Eindhoven.

First things first …

Before you head into town with our tips (we like your energy), let's get you started with some practical information and handy guides for the ultimate city trip:

11:00 Coffee at Sissy-Boy

You kick off the day with… coffee, of course! From the central station, you can easily stroll into the city center. First stop: Sissy-Boy Daily. The day can't start without a strong cup of coffee. They know how to do it right at this hotspot. On the first floor of the Blob, that somewhat quirky glass building at 18 Septemberplein, you can enjoy a cuppa with a view of the Philips Light Tower.


11:30 Dive into the Emma District 

If the coffee's gone, it's time to dive into the Emma District. But not before you've browsed through the shopping area of Sissy-Boy. They have too many beautiful things on the racks to ignore. Once you're back outside, this creative mini-district is at your feet. It's the place where the Eindhoven story began. Philips started its first light bulb factory at the site of the Philips Museum. Nowadays, the area around Nieuwe Emmasingel is home to numerous concept stores and cozy eateries. With the following places, you'll be occupied for a while: Boekhandel Van Piere is one of the oldest stores in the city and therefore a must-visit, at Vielgut, you'll find ethical fashion, and at Mr. Brown, you can stop for a chic frame and a coffee to go.

13:00 Learn all about Philips and Eindhoven 

We mentioned it briefly: this is the place where it all began. Here, you'll learn not only about Philips' innovations but also about the family and their influence on Eindhoven. Your visit starts with a bird's-eye view of over 130 years of Philips history. How did the brothers Anton and Gerard run the company? And how did they establish their own Philips village? From the outside, you can still recognize the factory by its chimney, once the tallest building in the city. Inside, you'll get a glimpse of the past in the recreated workshop. From CDs to rotary blade shavers, they were all invented here. Philips turned Eindhoven into a true innovation city.

Philips Museum
Philips Museum

14:00 A well-deserved lunch

Learning the entire Eindhoven story in about an hour is a tough job, but someone has to do it. So, we're happy to reward your attentive listening with a hearty lunch. The Happiness Café is just around the corner and serves mood-boosting smoothies along with stacks of blueberry pancakes and wraps with homemade falafel. Another option is Down Town Gourmet Market. A food hall with over twenty different stalls. Craving Vietnamese pho or Spanish pinchos? Why not have both!

Down Town Gourmet Market
Down Town Gourmet Market

14:00 Boutique hopping in de Bergen

Did you know that Eindhoven is the shopping city of the south? In the main shopping streets in the center, you'll find pretty much all the popular high street chains from Zara to Calzedonia. What can't be missed is a visit to the department store de Bijenkorf. Three floors of surprising fashion, cosmetics, and home decor. If you prefer small-scale concepts, District de Bergen, also known as Eindhoven's Quartier Latin, is a boutique paradise. Shopaholics will rejoice here: Magda, Walther, Deense Kroon, IQ Studio, and STED. For vintage finds, head to All Vintage, Eeden Conceptstore, and YATVA. Or check out our guide for even more shopping fun in the Bergen.

All Vintage

17:00 Time for an aperitivo! 

Where the shopping session ends, the drinks begin. You can pretty much hang out anywhere in the Bergen — perhaps the most characteristic neighborhood of Eindhoven. NOVA is, in our opinion, a shining star (pun intended) when it comes to shared dining. Connoisseurs know that owners Maaike en Martien worked for years at Piet Hein Eek. The interior is a little nod to that time; he designed the bar. But let's get back to the food, because that's why you're here. Order a bubbly and start with some appetizers. The menu changes often, so check their Instagram for a preview.


18:00 Dinner time! 

At 18:00, the fun is already winding down. Well, at least if you're dining at NOVA on a weekday. On Fridays, you can hang around until 20:00. But don't worry, this district has plenty to satisfy your culinary cravings. Let's go Spanish at Lucie Cocina with a vino tinto and authentic tapas. Prefer a French touch? Le Cozy has the menu and allure of a classic bistro. Or if you'd rather stay local, reserve a table at city restaurant Welp.

Lucie Cocina
Lucie Cocina

22:00 A cheeky lil' nightcap

Okay, you could crawl into the delightful bed waiting for you at Hotel Mariënhage. But we promise, it'll still be there later. So, one more for the road? We know just the place! Eindhoven was once a true brewery city, and that mentality has never really left. The Stadsbrouwerij and Van Moll continue the legacy like no other. Beer tip: Orchestra of Angels (100 Watt) and Toewijding (Van Moll).

00:00 Goodnight!

We already mentioned it above; ideally, you'll stay at Hotel Mariënhage in the center. Until about twenty years ago, this building was inhabited by Augustinians. Nowadays, it's a beautiful hotel where old features, like the oldest wall in Eindhoven, and new architecture come together. That magical design touch comes from none other than Studio Drift, Maarten Baas, and Piet Hein Eek. A holy design trio, if you ask us.

Van Moll

Day 2

Good morning sunshine! It's time to face a new day, and what better way than by bike? Let the hotel know in advance that you want to rent one, and they'll reserve it for you. Next stop: the Philips village.

11:00 Dough galore

A history lesson about the Philips village might be redundant after a visit to the Philips Museum, but we'd like to tell you more about today's breakfast spot. Espressobar 't Koffiehuisje used to be a supermarket where Philips employees could shop for groceries at a fair price. Now, the house on the corner still feeds many mouths with their breakfasts. Recommendation: the banana bread with yogurt and fresh fruit. All the goodies they serve come from 't Bakhuisje around the corner. Cardamom rolls, chai cake, and lemon curd cookies. Real dough enthusiasts can't help but score something for the road.

12:00 The wonders of Woensel-West

This Eindhoven neighborhood has evolved into a hip area where cultures, creativity, and a colorful mix of architecture blend together. Hotspots pop up here almost every week, such as part of the Woensel Westside Stores; where starting entrepreneurs get the chance to give their concepts a shot. Pay a visit to Wanted by Das, LUZ Vivir, and Het Groene Thuis. There are also plenty of architectural marvels in Woensel-West. Feel like you're in a colorful courtyard inspired by cities around the Mediterranean at Volta Galvani. The Elevated Houses also belong in the mix. New to the neighborhood is the Waaggebouw. A bright orange showpiece that fits perfectly into this area.

Volta Galvani

13:00 Art and snacks at KEVN

Have you really been to Woensel-West if you haven't been to Kelderman and van Noort? Our answer is simply 'no'. KEVN is a real must-visit. Not least because of its architectural looks (which were also nominated for the Dirk Roosenburg architecture prize). But this creative hub is also beautiful on the inside with its lunch corner, exhibition spaces, and studios. We don't need to tell you how to have lunch, but a round through the exhibition is like dessert... there's always room for it. Tip: they frequently host outdoor parties and Mexican afternoons on weekends. Delicious!


14:30 Green, greener, greenest!

Did we mention that Eindhoven is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands? The entire city is surrounded by parks. Philips de Jongh Park is one of them. A breath of fresh air does a person good. So, take a stroll through this green city oasis and be sure to stop by the new Stadspaviljoen

15:00 The world of Piet Hein Eek

Meet Piet Hein Eek: perhaps the best-known designer in the lowlands by now. At Strijp R, you'll find his design empire all year round, consisting of a hotel, grand café, lobby restaurant, shop, workshop, chip shop, and exhibition space. Oh, and let's not forget the rooftop terrace. You probably guessed it: this site used to belong to Philips too. This was once the ceramic workshop. Piet Hein is quite open-minded; he loves working with design talent like Studio RENS, Kiwano, and his daughters TWEEK-EEK. So, there's plenty to discover!


16:00 Discover the forbidden city

A visit to Eindhoven wouldn't be complete without a trip to Strijp-S. That wasn't always a given, by the way; this district used to be accessible only to Philips employees and was even called the 'forbidden city'. You can't escape that history: almost every building is still there. We call that a fine example of repurposing. But there's also room for new architecture. The bright red Haasje Over and the Trudo Tower are making waves here.

What you must see here? What not! Take a look at the largest indoor skate hall in the Benelux called Area51 or visit Pastryclub in the old Machine Room. You can shop at the Urban Shopper where all kinds of creative entrepreneurs have gathered. And if you're not satisfied with your dose of culture yet, head over to MU Hybrid Art House or Foundation We Are. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the view. You can do that best on the terrace of both the Ketelhuis and Biergarten.

Pastry Club

18:30 Fine-dining with a dash of Jazz

After spending almost two days in Eindhoven, you know: we love transformation. So, for dinner, we're sending you to Fifth at the NRE site. This restaurant meets jazz bar is located in the old gas factory of the city. Hence the location, close to the center and the canal (and convenient for you with Hotel Mariënhage practically around the corner). Feeling fancy? Perfect, because the chefs here will pamper you with a surprise menu. With a cocktail as the cherry on top.

22:00 See you tomorrow!

Why change a winning team? You'll happily stay another night at Hotel Mariënhage. Must also, because you can only book a room here from two nights onwards. The more you know...


10:00 All-day breakfast at Otis

Although Otis hasn't been open for long, it feels like this coffee shop has been here for years. With de Burger and El Pastor (owned by the same owner) as neighbors, the street feels complete. You can visit from 08:00 onwards, but we'll let you have those extra minutes in bed. So, breakfast. The menu is small but nice. Just a selection: yogurt with homemade granola, sourdough sandwich with avocado and burrata, and bread soldiers with a soft-boiled egg. And don't forget the coffee.


11:00 Your last hour in Eindhoven well spent

Your 48 hours in Eindhoven are almost up, but there's one tip you really shouldn't miss. Fancy touching a Picasso? The Van Abbemuseum exhibits modern and contemporary art that strives to be as inclusive as possible–their collection for visually impaired visitors is next-level, and fun for everyone.  Challenge your senses and get ready to touch,sniff, and yes, see some amazing art!