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Emma District

In the heart of the city, the area around the Emmasingel is filled with creativity and cool concept stores.

Emma District

The current location of the Philips Museum is also the place where Gerard Philips started the production of light bulbs in 1891. Nowadays, the area around the Emmasingel is home to Design Academy Eindhoven and excellent concept stores and restaurants. O, and don't forget to pay a visit to the Victoriapark.

And then there was light

At probably one of the most historical locations of Eindhoven, you'll find the Philips Museum. Discover the story of Philips and how they grew from small factory into a booming international business. A must-visit if you wish to learn more about the city! 


Dive right in!

Emma District fun facts

The Nieuwe Emmasingel is the newest shopping street of the city center. Trendy hotspots like Hutspot, Vielgut and Ace & Tate moved in. 

In the Lichttoren (light tower), Philips's light bulbs were tested for life hours. This made the iconic building light up 24 hours a day.

The Bruine Heer (Admirant) used to be the Philips headquarters and was inspired by the famous Larkin Building of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

A brook called ‘De Gender’ flows right under the Emmasingel.

The coolest Sissy-Boy of the Netherlands is located in the characteristic Blob. Did you know that the interior of this store comes from Eindhoven's top designer Piet Hein Eek?