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Practical information for your trip

Do we pay with euros here in the Netherlands? And does everyone here travel by bicycle? The answer (yes!) to those questions and more practical information can be read below. So you are well-prepared for your trip!


Sometimes all you need is Wi-Fi. That is why the city center offers an extensive Wi-Fi network, free of charge. The network is called EHV Free Wifi. While you’re at it, why not let your Instagram friends know you’re in Eindhoven? Don’t forget to tag @eindhovencity. 


Using a bank card is the most popular payment method in the Netherlands. Do you prefer to have some emergency cash on you? ATMs can be found near shops, in most supermarkets, at the train station, and close to  banks. Most ATMs are bright yellow and have the word ‘Geldmaat’ on them. Money can be exchanged at a bank or at the GWK exchange office located inside the central train station. 


The rumors are true, the weather is very unpredictable in the Netherlands. Expect to see sun, snow, rain, and hail on the same day! Other than that, our climate is very moderate. We have mild winters and dito summers. If you want to avoid getting caught in a shower, you will not regret downloading a Dutch weather app like Buienradar or Weer Online. Or do it as the locals do: complain for a bit, and accept the weather as is. 

Dining out

Restaurants are generally open between 5.30 and 9.30 pm. After 10 pm, most kitchens are closed. Do not worry—for a late-night meal, you can always head to a pub and try the delicious local snacks like bitterballen and, of course, friet (‘french fries’) usually served with mayonnaise. In the Netherlands, VAT and service charges are always included in your restaurant bill. Tips for great service are  appreciated but not required.


Most shops open every day from around 10 am until 5.30 pm. On Monday mornings, shops open around noon. Friday evening is the shopping night in Eindhoven, and most shops remain open until 9 pm. 

Public restrooms

Sooner or later, you will need to make us of a public restroom. You can of course look for the nearest (public) toilet facility yourself, but we recommend using the Hoge Nood App. This app shows the nearest public toilet on the map. 

Tourist information

Can’t get enough of Eindhoven? Let us be your guide! Whether you’re looking for quick tips, extensive articles, or a selection of hotspots, browse our official tourist website 

Getting around

It’s quite easy getting around the city, especially by bike or foot. Prefer public transport? No need to buy a physical ticket, use your debit card to check in! More on getting around on page x. 


112 is the emergency number in the Netherlands. For non-life-threatening situations that require police assistance, call 0900-8844. If you’re hurt but not in danger, contact 088 876 5151. This is the number of the GP Urgent Care Center. A medical professional will assess your case and tell you how to proceed.


The best way to discover Eindhoven is by walking everywhere without navigation. It’s adventurous and we promise you will discover some hidden treasures. If you’re lost or looking for something in particular, just check out Google Maps or ask a kind local for directions.

Tips for a sustainable trip in Eindhoven

We can talk at length about the term sustainable or we can talk about ten practical tips to make your trip sustainable. A little goes a long way, shall we say. We share ten simple tips to make your visit to Eindhoven greener.

Let's go green!