The greenest side of Eindhoven

Check our guide full of sustainable (and, more importantly: fun) tips for everyone who wants to be kind to the planet. And to themselves!


Our planet needs a little extra lovin', but that doesn't mean we can't have fun anymore. On the contrary! This guide is full of sustainable tips for anyone who likes to be kind to the planet. And to themselves, because sustainable choices are often the best choices, if you ask us. So get that vintage look, hop on your bike and explore the greenest side of Eindhoven, literally and figuratively. Hugging trees is optional; we won't judge.

Go vintage!

Let us introduce you to Bobbie Bodt: a vintage fanatic with a newfound love for Eindhoven. As a self-proclaimed collector, she is always on the lookout for curiosities, unique interior design items, and, last but not least, "pearls." Follow the tour and wander through the city to her favorite places for vintage, design, and more!

Let's go shopping!

Hyperlocal meals at PHOOD Kitchen

Sustainable food is local food. And it hardly gets more local than at PHOOD. Here, the vegetables and herbs roll right off the aquaponic farm onto your plate. Or rather: into your bowl, because they serve the most delicious bowls here. Aquaponic is a fancy word for a farm where they grow plants in large water tanks with fish. Those fish fertilize the plants, and the plants filter the water for the fish. Great deal. And dito meal. 

Discover PHOOD

FeelGood Market

Every third Sunday of the month, you can eat your sustainable heart out at FeelGood Market at the Ketelhuisplein, Strijp-S. A bustling market full of vintage clothes, (organic) food, artisanal crafts, and more. Ketelhuisplein is only a 15-minute walk from the city center or 5 minutes by bus.

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