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5x Local bike shops

It won't have escaped your notice: in the Netherlands, we cycle a lot. And in Eindhoven, too, the bicycle is a beloved means of transportation. Don't you own a bike yet, or does it have a flat tire? Let us take you to five bike (repair) shops in Eindhoven.

Rijwielhuis 't Verzet

Living life bike-less and feel the need to change it? Stop by at Rijwielhuis 't Verzet. They probably have a bike to your taste. Browse through the second-hand bikes and vintage racers, and don't hesitate to take a test ride on the colorful Edisonstraat. Two (or more) cups of coffee later, you could be the proud owner of a new two-wheeler. 

Velo d'Anvers

The old Machineroom of Philips, located at Strijp-S, is home to several entrepreneurs, including bicycle store and repair shop Velo D'Anvers. Are you not only fond of vintage racing bikes and randonneurs but also of 70s decor? Then this industrial spot will feel like home. Choose from a ready-made model or assemble one yourself in the workshop. Of course, you can also get your tire fixed!

Fraai Staal

Looking for your dream bike? Then you need to go to Fraai Staal in Stratum. They are happy to help you get a custom-made bike, preferably with vintage parts. Take a look in the (online) shop because who knows, it might already exist. And if your current bike breaks down in the meantime, you can knock on their door, too.

Rijwielhuis 't Verzet
Fraai Staal


On the Hoogstraat, you'll find the service-driven bike store LiebesRad. In addition to maintaining and repairing your bike, they will gladly help you find a new one. This applies to both the sporty models and the urban bikes to commute. An important detail: sustainability is of great importance to this store; that’s why every product is selected with care. 


Both the fanatic and the 'ordinary' customer can visit Zjoeff on the NRE site. This showroom, located at cyclist café Cyklist, is filled with quality bikes, including those from the Italian Basso and the Californian Linus. Be sure to join the terrace for a beer and a piping hot bitterbal.