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5x Cycling routes in and around Eindhoven

Cycling routes in and around Eindhoven

Looking for hidden gems in and around Eindhoven or just want to go out exploring? We’ve listed five cycling routes for you.

Rondje Eindhoven 

One of the well-known cycling routes in and around Eindhoven is Rondje Eindhoven, which means 'around Eindhoven'. This route starts in four different directions. The distances are between 20 and 75 kilometres and take you through the city center, a number of dynamic districts, and beautiful nature. Over the entire route, you will find signs of Rondje Eindhoven, so you don't have to worry about getting lost but you can focus on the beautiful surroundings!

Philips route

More than 125 years ago Philips brought light to Eindhoven. The company turned the city into an industrial success story. Today, the city is bursting with creativity and innovation. On this route, you cycle past old Philips factory sites and buildings, which have now been transformed into creative hubs. Discover what the global concern has meant to the city and expect a special mix of old architecture and modern design.

Van Gogh route

Just a few years ago this route was declared European Cycle Route of the Year. Did you know Brabant life and landscape form the basis of the work of Vincent van Gogh? He was born in Brabant, and this is the place where he grew up, got inspired and put his first sketches on paper. The Van Gogh cycle route take you through the Brabant landscapes that Vincent loved and often served as the subject of his work. Some spare time at night? Then cycle along the 600-metre Van Gogh Roosegaarde cycle path, consisting of thousands of luminous stones and inspired by his famous painting 'Starry Night'.

Van Gogh Roosegaarde Bicycle Path

Innovation route

Eindhoven is known worldwide as a breeding ground for innovation and this cycling tour will show you why. You will cycle past the DAF Museum where Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek once started, the Philips Museum where the first light bulb was made and the High Tech Campus where today, companies and people are working on developing future technologies and products.

Guided bicycle tour

Consider a guided bike tour. Spread over different parts of the city, you'll visit dynamic districts, industrial heritage, and cycle through the many parks that the city has to offer. The city guide will update you on the latest developments in Eindhoven along the way and you don't have to look for directions yourself! You can book a cycling tour via Eindhoven Tourist Information

New to biking?

In the Netherlands, there are more bikes than people. Interested in discovering the true cycling prowess of the Dutch and joining the Dutch cycling culture? Dive into the details right here!

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