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Let's go outside: 4x walks in nature

There is enough green for everyone in Eindhoven. Want to stretch your legs? Go for a walk in one of the many city parks. These walking routes take you on a journey through the Eindhoven nature!

Genneper Parken

Start the route on the Genneperweg from the Antoon Coolenlaan. Genneper Parken is a nature, sports, and recreation park in Eindhoven. This area is one of the largest parks in the Netherlands and is, therefore, a great place for a long walk. If you want to take a side road, try the Tongelreep Pad. There you will find the organic farm called the Genneper Hoeve and former atelier: the Berkenhuisje.

Follow the Genneperweg in the direction of the Heempark Frater Simon Deltour (arboretum). In this delineated park, you can admire the indigenous flora and fauna. Take a look at the Genneper Watermill, located on the right side of the Genneperweg. Cross the bridge past the watermill and turn right. Walk along the Dommel until paths cross and take the path on your right. 

Walk to the lake called the Vleut. You can choose between going left around the lake or following the path on the right of the lake. Whatever you choose, aim for the Ton Smitspark and you’ll be just fine. Enjoy the greenery and finish the route on the east side of the park. There you'll find the pink and blue colored Ton Smits Huis, a museum named after the late artist Ton Smits. 


Start the route next to the Parktheater and cross the parking lot of the Stadspaviljoen into the park. This park is located in the South of Eindhoven in the Stratum district. You will find all kinds of special monuments in the Stadswandelpark, including the Radio Monument. Turn left at the third path, then take the first on the right and walk straight ahead towards the monument.

Done admiring, then turn right at the Radio Monument and after that take the road on the outside. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory better known as De Sterrenwacht, which deserves some admiration from the outside as well. 

Walk around the water and cross the bridge. For the easiest way back to the starting point you only have to follow the outer path. But don't hesitate to try another route. Tip: if you want to go for a longer route, turn right after visiting the Observatory. Cross over to the Dommelplantsoen and continue your walk.


Anne Frankplantsoen Eindhoven

Stratumse Heide

Start the route at the parking lot of the Stratumse Heide. The Stratumse Heide is a large heathland and former drifting sand area. From the starting point, there are several possibilities to start your walking route. For example, walk in the direction of the Kanunnikesven.

From the Kannunikesven walk in the direction of the Rietven. At several places, you will find natural waters, also called fens. Besides the amazing heath, there’s also a possibility you will spot grazing Scottish Highlanders here. And just for your information: this route has no end, you can make it as long as you want!

De Berenkuil

Prefer the urban jungle? Then take a look at this one. This route leads the way to graffiti hotspot De Berenkuil.

Start the route from the bus side of the Central Station. Walk in the direction of The Flying Pins and cross in the direction of the TU/e. Walk along the university grounds past film house De Zwarte Doos and past the entrance of the Metaforum in the direction of the University Racing Eindhoven. 

Turn right when you’re on the road called Horsten and turn left right after. Follow this road until you reach de Berenkuil. De Berenkuil is an open-air museum where graffiti artists have complete artistic freedom, a great place to discover the cities’ urban culture scene. 

Not only are colorful murals and graphic one-liners well represented there, but cyclists are also very common. Not surprising, as the Berenkuil (Insulindeplein) also serves as a traffic square. Wonder around for a bit and end your route where you started at the station. Follow the Insulindelaan to the Meerkoollaan, and walk over the Fuutlaan back to the city center.  De Berenkuil