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Give in to luxury: Make the most of your Eindhoven-trip

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You, dear reader, are amazing. Yes, you! We’re talking to you. This is no time to be modest. You are 'the bees knees'. The cream of the crop. The delightful icing on the cake of the world. You know it, we know it. That's why there's no shame in treating yourself on your next Eindhoven trip. Let us give you the best tips for the completely uncensored, widescreen, high-definition Eindhoven experience.

Looking for experiences that won't break the bank? Check our tips for Eindhoven on a budget.

Chic boutiques

Let’s be honest. Who doesn't feel just a little better when they're wearing a great outfit? But quality over quantity, we say. Fast fashion is dead. Leave that behind in fashion history, with worn-out UGGS, skinny jeans that cut off the blood flow, and your uncle’s midlife crisis hipster beard. So treat yourself to a hot new look at one of these high-end, luxurious boutiques. 

Magda Boutique

At Magda Boutique, you'll find a great selection of fine clothing brands. This eye-catching boutique is hard to miss. The store’s whole interior is a soft shade of pink. In this sweet ambiance, you're guaranteed to unearth some rare fashion treats. You can find this luxury boutique on the Bergstraat.


For the hottest menswear, Walther is the place to be. The store (also on the Bergstraat) is the Valhalla for high-end minimalist fashion, with a touch of streetwear. Treat yourself!


You don't have to visit BYLOTTE in person. After all, they have a beautiful web shop, too. But visiting BYLOTTE's boutique on the bustling Kleine Berg is a different (what we mean: more fun!) shopping experience. Stroll past racks full of the most exclusive brands after a homemade, steaming cappuccino.

De Meisjes van Blauw

And while you're visiting the Kleine Berg, be sure not to miss De Meisjes van Blauw. This exclusive women's fashion store is all about elegance, style, and class. Just like you, gorgeous. 

Deense Kroon

On the Willemstraat you'll find a little part of Scandinavia. Concept store Deense Kroon selects the most refreshing Scandinavian must-haves, just for you. A visit to this high-end boutique is like diving butt naked into a fjord under the Northern Lights. A true Scandinavian experience.

Pinkie Patisserie

Have your cake and eat it too

Name something more festive than cake. We dare you. And this party is all about you! Roll out the red carpet for yourself, pop that champagne, and sprinkle some confetti on yourself. For the most delicious cakes and pastries, Eindhoven is the place to be. Whether you’re celebrating, or simply craving something sweet. This is where you have to go:

Not much of a sweet tooth? No worries! In the city center, you can enjoy Houben Worstenbrood's blissful sausage-in-dough creations. It’s the best place in Eindhoven to get sausage rolls – maybe even the best place in the Netherlands, or even the world! They even have a selection of sausage rolls made by Michelin Star Chefs. Talk about classy. Read more about these genius sausage rolls in this interview with Bart Houben.

Entertainment of the highest order

Shopping and eating your weight in sugar is good fun. But if you're ready for a little more action, you can indulge in a host of unique activities during your trip. From the magic of technology to a tasting of Scottish magical potions.


At Enversed, you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of virtual reality. This Eindhoven-based company develops its own games and spectacular VR experiences. Enversed is currently the largest VR Center in Europe and has no fewer than 9 VR Rooms, equipped with the very latest technology. A treat for the senses.

Bottle Distillery

Looking to cloud the senses? At Bottle Distillery on De Caai you can take part in guided tours, tastings, and workshops. The small, artisanal distillery produces all kinds of spirits. Brew your own creations during a gin, rum, or herbal bitters making workshop. If that all sounds like a lot of work, you can also sign up for a tasting. 


Still standing firmly on two legs? If you're up for the adventure, discover the world of whiskey at Whiskylab. This specialized whisky store in Woensel-West is an indulgence for whisky connoisseurs. How about a whisky and chocolate tasting? Or the smokiest Scottish whiskies?

Enversed VR
El Puente Restaurant

Classy cocktails 

Whether you're into cocks, mocks, or feel like an ice-cold beer, Eindhoven has enough to offer. When it comes to the best wines, beers, and high-quality mixology, you're in the right place. And of course, for the coziest vibes. Let us guide you to Eindhoven's booziest hotspots:

  • Ginscal (a choice of 300 different gins and mescal)
  • VANE (for the best view in town)
  • Het Kleine Café (intimate vibes & creative drinks)
  • Bobby's Bar (they have a great cocktail course, too!)
  • Thomas (cocktails out of a fairytale)

Dining out with a capital D

What better way to show some self-love than taking yourself out for dinner? Grab your lover, your best friend, your mother, your neighbor, or just your lovely old self, and head off to one of these extraordinary dining experiences. You won't regret it. Trust us.

El Puente

Go on a trip around the world in the center of Eindhoven. Right from the comfort of your chair! El Puente's chefs create a feast of international flavors for their guests. It's a journey you won't soon forget.


Michelin Star restaurant Zarzo surprises with a touch of Spanish temperament, a cosmopolitan feel, and, of course, fantastic food. A real must-eat in Eindhoven.

The Harbour Club

Who doesn't dream of having their own yacht? To float along snow-white beaches à la Wolf Of Wall Street, with a glass of bubbly in your hand. If you still have a little saving up to do, you can experience a taste of the lifestyle at The Harbour Club. Enjoy the luxury, the fantastic food, and the view over the Karpendonkse Plas. 

Trattoria Mangiare

You can never go wrong with Italian food. But sitting down at Trattoria Mangiare is a real gift for lovers of the boot-shaped country. Following traditional Italian recipes, the chefs at Mangiare conjure up pure and simple creations.


Aprazível exudes a Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian vibe. Ay, caramba! According to the owners, "Aprazível" in Portuguese means "a nice place to be". More than appropriate for this lovely, unique restaurant.

Piet Hein Eek Showroom

Local design gems

When it comes to extraordinary experiences in Eindhoven, we simply can't let you go without mentioning design. In the design capital of the Netherlands, you can admire (and take home) a host of beautifully designed items. Find out where to shop for local design gems!

If your hunger for design still isn't satisfied, here is a more extensive list of design shops around the area

Bonus tip

The ultimate Eindhoven experience might be too much to cram all into one day. We get it. If you decide to make a weekend out of it, check out our master list of Eindhoven design hotels here. That way, even your night's sleep will be a truly dreamlike experience.

Eindhoven on a budget

Life doesn't have to be expensive. You can still spoil yourself even with a smaller budget. We have listed the crème de la crème of budget-friendly activities for you!

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