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10x Beers, beers, beers

Beer, beer, beers. From specialty beers to IPA's, and from locally brewed to the good old lager. We've made you a list of ten beer spots and breweries in Eindhoven. Cheers!

De Bierprofessor

At this beer cafe called De Bierprofessor, they know all about speciality beers. They serve around 250 different beers. That might be a tough choice, but the staff is eager to help you pick. And no matter which beer you choose, you probably won't regret it. 


Eindhoven has a few breweries, but there can only be one city brewery, and that's Stadsbrouwerij. This brewery is located in the Oude Schellensfabriek, where they used to manufacture fabrics. Nowadays, it's all about their 25 100 Watt beers. Among those is the heavy-dark beer called 150 Watt, previously claimed as the best beer of the Netherlands. 

Drinkers Pub

Love to have lots of choices? Then Drinkers Pub is a must-visit. With over 1.000 bottled beers, and another 30 on tap, this spot can rightly call itself a beer cafe. You are welcome seven days a week, for a beer and the ultimate pub food. 



New for lovers of life: Rabauw Craft Beer and its brewery. What makes this place so special is the so-called Rabauwers; the proud brewers of the beer. You will meet them in the tasting room or during a tour. 


You don't have to have a favorite type of hop to visit Radegast040. The concept of this beer cafe is based on the beer gardens in New York, the raw edge included! So drop by for a beer, and try their snacks while you're there. We especially love the pretzels! 

De Bierbrigadier

One of our favorite beer spots is De Bierbrigadier. This specialty beer store is filled to the brim with quality beers from microbreweries around the world. Don't know what to try first? Then ask the staff, they are the real connoisseurs.


Brouwerij 't Veem

Brouwerij 't Veem is a Valhalla for beer-lovers. How so? It has everything to do with the 15-meter long bar and 24 taps. Enjoy a beer between the kettles, or sit down at one of the picnic tables during summer. 

Proeflokaal de Gaper

A loved spot among locals is Proeflokaal de Gaper on Wilhelminaplein. Visit the place for the beers, and stay for delicious food and good vibes. 

The Jack

Rock on with a good dose of guitars and a delicious specialty beer. The Jack has over 100 different specialty beers, from Trappist to heavy stouts and IPA's. Prefer something from the tap? You can get it here as well!

Van Moll

Blonde, Tripel, Indian Pale Ale, some of Van Moll's brews. The brewers' enthusiasm for beer balances on the verge of madness, and we can’t blame them. Try their own beers, or opt for one of the guest beers. It doesn't matter, they're all great. 

Van Moll
Van Moll