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Let's shake things up: 10x Cocktail bars

People in Eindhoven sure do love a drink, especially beers but we're not averse to a cocktail either. From margaritas to mojitos and everything in between, the following cocktail bars have it all. Cheers!

The Revellers

You may have heard of the name Kola Adejumo. In his local guide, Eindhoven-based photographer and filmmaker Jesse Bisschof described him as one of the best cocktail shakers in Eindhoven. That deserves a permanent spot! And it's called The Revellers, located at Stratumseind. Here, you entertain yourself as a real reveller would: lively and with lots of noise. Enjoy!

De Huiskamer

Another great place at Strijp-S is De Huiskamer. Officially not a cocktail bar, but they're great at shaking things up. Attention to the interior is in order here: a mishmash of vintage pieces without being reminiscent of your grandmother's decoration. Just cozy vibes. We can't give away anything about the cocktails on the menu, so find out for yourself! 

The Cocktail Bar

On the always bustling Ketelhuisplein, you will find Het Oliehuisje. Here, you can order a drink to enjoy on the spacious outdoor café. Rather sit inside? They've converted this cozy place into The Cocktail Bar, perhaps the smallest (!) bar in town. But now you know: Strijp-S is the place to be for cocktails and fun. 


Skybar VANE

Whichever way you drink your cocktail, the bartenders at Skybar VANE know how to mix. Previously, this was the home of the best female bartender in the world: Tess Posthumus. Some signature cocktails, like 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'Bisou Bisou,' are definitely a must-try. Combine your drink with some bites and enjoy the stunning view of the Eindhoven skyline.

The Little One Bar

Not surprisingly, this bar is quite small. How small? Well, with 25 to 30 persons inside, it's packed. The Little One is not only popular because of its special interior or because it's one of the oldest buildings in the city, but also because a good time is guaranteed. They love to prepare one of the many tasty cocktails on the menu for you. A must-visit if you ask us.

Bobby's Bar

You will find Bobby's Bar on the Kleine Berg and Stratumseind. Here, you're at the right place if you love Gin & Tonic! With the very extensive offer on the menu, it becomes almost impossible to choose. Want to learn shaking cocktials yourself? Bobby's Bar also provides tastings, workshops, and special Gin & Tonic experiences. Shake it, baby!


Thomas is known as a tropical hotspot full of graffiti. Besides enjoying the colorful interior, you can taste some of the best cocktails here. 'Cocktail boss' Sten gives classic drinks a tropical Thomas-twist. No clue what to go for? Then opt for the High Cocktail (inspired by the famous high teas)! This way, you'll get three different dishes, including some bites. 

Bar Republic
Bar Republic

Het Kleine Café

When you think of a brown café, you may think of the inseparable dark and smoky atmosphere that goes with it. That's a little different at het Kleine Café on the Wilhelminaplein. They label themselves as the modern version of it. For example, take the three pages of cocktails including Gin & Tonics and Eindhoven Specials. Also for non-alcoholic enjoyment, they have plenty of choices! 

Bar Proast

On the opposite side of restaurant The Roast Club, you will find Bar Proast. This 'bar without borders' is very auspicious. Go all out with their classic cocktails like the pornstar martini, or try something new. The bartenders will make you one of their favorites. 

Fifth NRE

Fifth NRE is home to five different concepts, but The Bar is the place to go for cocktails. This industrial-looking spot at the back of the building is specially designed to enjoy some signature cocktails, Italian bites to eat, and, of course, the funky nights on Friday. Cheers!

Bonus tip

We can't resist sharing one more of our favorites! You'll find cocktail bar Twist at the base of the Onyx Tower. Once inside, imagine yourself in a cocktail Valhalla with eye-catching cocktails and bites to share. Are you the designated driver? Choose one of the mocktails!