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Your local guide: The perfect Sunday with Jesse

You could argue that Sunday is the best day of the week (we don't judge). Whatever your favorite is, we, especially Jesse, can confidently say that Sunday is the day for eating breakfast outdoors, strolling around town at your leisure, and meeting up with friends for a drink. In short: chill mode is on.

Jesse was born and raised in Eindhoven and knows the city like the back of his hand. As the owner of studio Heinrich, he goes everywhere with his camera: from Minitials to Mr. Brown Specs & Beans, but, also outside the city. In this guide, Jesse tells you how to spend the perfect Sunday. 

09:00 A good start ... 

... is half the work. The perfect kick-start to a Sunday morning (or afternoon, if you're more of a brunch lover) for Jesse means breakfast with his sweetheart. The Bergen area is bursting with cute breakfast spots. Let's start with The Corner. According to Jesse, this spot on the corner of Bergstraat and Grote Berg excels in homemade muesli and fresh Moroccan mint tea. The flatbreads there are also super tasty, and let's not forget to mention the pancakes. "The only downside?  The owner has his schedule, so it’s always a bit of a suprise whether it's open or not." 

Luckily, Jesse has plenty of alternatives nearby, in case The Corner is closed: "I also love to go to Anne&Max and Vascobelo for a yogurt bowl. You can't go wrong with that."

The Corner

11:00 A walk in the park

A must after breakfast: walking the dog. "Bailey goes everywhere with me." And that means a walk after breakfast is mandatory. Counting from De Bergen, the Anne Frankplantsoen is no more than a ten-minute walk away. And in twenty minutes you can take a nice lap through the green. Not up to your fix yet? Then follow the Dommel to the beltway, cross it and walk back to the city on the other side of the river. It's also a lovely green spot if you're out and about without a furry friend.

12:30 A light lunch

After a long walk, you're probably in need of good food. Kleine Berg has plenty of lunch spots where you often don't have to make reservations. Try Bellevue: "I often go there for oysters or salad. I usually don't have a big lunch so I can keep snacking throughout the day. That way, I can order bites wherever I go." Makes sense! Another tip from Jesse for lunch is ZwartWit Koffie at Victoriapark. 

Van Alles en Co
Van Alles en Co

13:30 From everything at Van Alles en Co.

On to Van Alles en Co to chill on the terrace. "There, we always start with a small group that gets bigger and bigger. We feel at home there and have a great time with the owner. Anyway, Woensel-West is a very nice neighborhood. The oldskool Eindhoven vibe is extra visible in the Edisonstraat." Jesse also explains that the group is not only growing because of friends and acquaintances. "There are also nice strangers joining." Tip: start with tea or coffee and finish with beer or cocktails.

14:30 Vintage, rare trinkets, and good food

Van Alles en Co is unique because everything is for sale. So take a peek inside, especially if you love vintage. Can't get enough? You'll find Strange Avenue for quirky vintage on the same street.

Well, Jesse mentioned a lot of snacks earlier. Meanwhile, if you're hungry again, you can visit Yalla Yalla. "Order a rice bowl with chicken there, for example. It's pretty cheap, and you even get to take the pottery home." Another tip: De Kiet. "A great barbecue joint," according to Jesse. Take a tour around the neighborhood, and you'll come across all kinds of cool things, like the colorful neighborhood Volta Galvani and beautiful street art.

Strange Avenue

15:30 Browsing around

Before rolling from one drink to the next, there is some time for shopping. Jesse's favorite: The Scenery Shop. Lucky for him,  a pop-up shop of The Scenery Shop is opening at KEVN, but you can also drop by the original store of owner Beth at Strijp-S. "Beth is fantastic. Her stuff is perfect for birthdays, and they also have adorable cards there." On Kleine Berg, Jesse sometimes visits Mensroom, where they sell cool brands like Arte Antwerp, IRO, and Filling Pieces. 

17:00 Time for snacks and drinks with Xen

After all that shopping and snacking, it’s time for drinks. Preferably with his girlfriend Xen. Jesse recommends Bar Republic, where they are very good at shaking cocktails. It is also a great place to get something to eat. Moscow Mule, Espresso Martini, or Paloma, Jesse's favorites, are all on the menu. So worth a shot! 

Jesse's biggest tip when it comes to good cocktails is actually: following cocktail master Kola. "He started at the Minibar, then went to Fifth, VANE, and then Het Kleine Café. Wherever he goes, the cocktails are  good. He's just one of the best cocktail shakers in Eindhoven." You can also eat well at Het Kleine Café. "The burgers are insanely delicious. I try a different one every time, but my favorite is the classic burger with truffle fries."

Bar Republic
Bar Republic

19:00 Early peak

It's Sunday, so the evening ends for Jesse around 7 p.m. or 8 p.m., but don't let that stop you from enjoying your Sunday any longer. 

Happy Sunday!