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Evergreen: 14x Eindhoven parks

Philips de Jonghpark

Green, greener, greenest! You don't have to go far in Eindhoven for a breath of fresh air. With the Trudo Tower, the greenery even grows vertically. But there is plenty of green closer to earth, as you might expect from one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands! Pack your picnic blanket, borrow the neighbor's dog and seek peace in one of the beautiful parks in Eindhoven.

Jacob Oppenheimerpark

Evoluon's backyard is an excellent place for a walk with the dog or a game of soccer. The 3-meter-high dolmen is a true eye-catcher. But its appearance is misleading: the giant boulder is a part of the playground in camouflage. Time for the bouldering fans to flex their climbing muscles!

Henri Dunantpark

Looking for an outdoor spot to relax? In the north of Eindhoven, you will find the Henri Dunantpark. A place where not only children can have fun, it’s also a nice hangout spot for adults. The spacious lawns of grass offer plenty of options, space to picnic, play, and as a bonus, there’s a fishing pond to enjoy.

Genneper Parken

In extension to the Stadswandelpark you will find the Genneper Parken. It's one of the largest parks in the Netherlands! The various walking paths will guide you and make you discover nature around the Dommel and the Tongelreep. For some extra fun, you could play a round of miniature golf or visit the house of cartoonist Ton Smit. Finish your walk with a stop at the Genneper Hoeve farm for organic products (including ice cream!) and a cuddle session with the cows. 

Philips Fruittuin

Philips has left some visible traces behind, also at de Philips Fruittuin. You can find this orchard a little further north of Philips de Jongh Park. Located on the Green Corridor, this is the perfect place to cycle through, take a stroll, or, even better, pick fruit with the kids. Get a local juice at the Landwinkel, and don't forget to eat a pancake at the only pancake house in Eindhoven: Pannenkoekenhuis de Proeftuin

Philips de Jongh Wandelpark

Back in the day, this park was the private property of the Philips family, named after Anton's wife, Anna Philips de Jongh. Now the Philips de Jongh Wandelpark is open to everyone. Walk the paths and enjoy the beautiful light between the leaves of the monumental trees. Fun fact: Landgoed de Wielewaal, the estate with six(!) country houses that Frits Philips called his home for decades, will be open to the public in the near future. Cool! 

Wandelpark Eckart

Did you know that over a third of all public space in Eindhoven is greenery? Therefore, Wandelpark Eckart will not be unknown to the green lovers among us. A nice bonus: this beautiful woodland area borders a large, artificial lake called the Karpendonkse Plas. Once created for sand extraction, it now forms the backdrop for serene relaxation or a spectacular festival. Getting hungry? Immerse yourself in luxury at The Harbour Club, with a view of Karpendonkse Plas. Tip: the observant birdwatcher can spot all kinds of water birds.

Philips van Lenneppark

Philips van Lenneppark was donated to Eindhoven by the Philips-Van Lennep couple in 1964. Originally the area was not intended as a park but as an industrial area. Ultimately, it was a thoughtful gift to the city: due to the many playgrounds, the animal farm, and the skate park, it's a great place to spend your day.

Philips Fruittuin
Philips de Jonghpark

Park Meerland

A park as big as approximately 100 soccer fields, Park Meerland isn’t exactly a small boy. The park consists of three centrally located meadows; two for grazing cows and a play meadow. In other words, lots to explore! Rippling brooks, hills – yes, right in the Netherlands – and lots of water. Local residents keep this little paradise in Meerhoven clean. Cool, huh?

Anne Frankplantsoen & Lex en Edo Hornemannplantsoen

From the Van Abbemuseum, you only have to follow De Dommel, and you'll walk straight into the peace and quiet of the Anne Frankplantsoen & Lex and Edo Hornemannplantsoen. Especially when the sun is out, the park is flooded with sun-seekers. The public gardens are also the perfect spot for an evening stroll.  Don’t walk too far, or you will end up in the PreHistoric Village (PreHistorisch Dorp). 


Just outside the center of Eindhoven, you will find the Stadswandelpark, a wonderful place to spend your afternoon. This park is exceptionally suitable for art lovers: nature and art are connected here with 30 beautiful sculptures. In addition, there is plenty to do: watch the observatory from the outside, stop by restaurant Thym by Parkzicht, or uncork a bottle of wine during during a picknick. Tip: don't forget to drop by one of the adjacent parks!

Philips de Jonghpark

Heempark Frater Simon Deltour

A small piece of man-made landscape in the Genneper Parken bursting with native flora and fauna. Sounds complicated, but with a pair of decent boots, you can explore by yourself. Children can come and 'gnome' in the park during the summer vacations. During a walk, children will encounter games and activities related to - you guessed it - gnomes! And, of course, nature. Check out this page for more activities.


Seek, and you shall find. We are not talking about monumental buildings but gigantic trees. With a height of about 22 meters (21.80 to be precise), you can hardly miss the Japanese walnut tree in the Dommelplantsoen. In the middle of the PreHistoric Village (PreHistorisch Dorp), bordering the villa neighborhood Den Elzent, you'll imagine yourself in Eindhoven's green heart. 


You won't get lost in the city park Clausplein, that's for sure. Although it's size, you can enjoy this lovely piece of green in the middle of the city! Contributing to the greening of the city center, Clausplein is a bit of an oddity in this list. But the underlying - no puns intended - story does not detract from it. You can read the full project via Eindhoven Design District.


The long-stretched Genderpark owes its name to the Gender: a stream about fifteen kilometers in and around Eindhoven. You (and your four-legged friend) can walk through the recently renovated area alongside the walking strip. There are worse routes to think of for your daily walk. A fun fact: the children from De Troubadour Primary School have planted a mini-forest with over 600(!) trees and bushes. This will contribute to increased biodiversity in the city!