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15x Local boutiques

Feel like shopping? We feel you! Besides the well-known stores, you might be looking for cool labels and exclusive shops. Lucky for you, Eindhoven has plenty of those. Have a look at these local boutiques, and you will definitely end up with some beautiful additions to your closet!

Deense Kroon

Hej velkommen! On Willemstraat, you will find the unique Scandinavian concept store, Deense Kroon. Classic, minimalist, stylish. Only certain brands belong in a store dedicated to Scandinavian fashion: Selected Femme, Vagabond, Moss Copenhagen. It is the place to be when shopping for women, men, and your home. 


You will leave this Label on the Kleine Berg as happy as a child. This store is like a candy store for adults. We warn you: it is very challenging to keep your hands off the clothes and accessories. The passionate owner of Label knows all about the collection and has many styling tips for you in store, which result in you leaving with pieces you love. Delightful. 

Magda Boutique

Magda Boutique on Bergstraat offers a large selection of the coolest Dutch and Scandinavian brands. Hello Róhe, Susan Bijl and Rika. Besides clothes and accessories, they provide you with a passion for fashion, design, and art, in-store and online. You can get a taste on their insta @Magdagboutiqueeindhoven. "Every three to four months, we give an artist the opportunity to display and sell their art at our store," says co-owner Margo. In other words, inspiration included.

Magda Boutique

IQ Studio

If there's a boutique with flair, it's this one. IQ Studio likes to get inspiration from the source, like the catwalk. But, a good look on the street is an excellent form of inspiration, too. Of course, with a focus on the shoes. What else? It's hard to find nothing of your liking with trendy brands like Bronx, Toral, and Kanna at this shoe paradise on Kleine Berg. 


In 2008, Sandra made a radical change. From a nurse to a fashion pioneer with her own boutique, Sonar. And it's been a success! If you're feeling inspired, you can indulge yourself at Kleine Berg 20. Thank us later! 

All Vintage

You'll find All Vintage on the Bergstraat. If you haven't been there in all these years, this is your sign. Matching sets, brightly colored bags, and shiny jewelry. This boutique's collection changes every once in a while. That way, you don't risk a fashion faux pas! 

All Vintage
All Vintage


At men's fashion store Walther on Bergstraat, you can score outfits that are so well put together they could almost be works of art! This store doesn't bill itself an ‘exhibition space for clothes’ for nothing. From stylish basics to a leopard-print number: at Walther, they shy away from nothing.

De Meisjes van Blauw

Step into the fashion world of De Meisjes van Blauw on Kleine Berg. This boutique is a must-visit if you want to explore a carefully curated selection of exquisite garments and accessories. 


Looking for an outfit that excels in quality and simplicity? Mensroom on Kleine Berg is the perfect place for you. From classy jeans to leather jackets and from sturdy boots to festive shirts, the garments here are made of beautiful materials. Durable and timeless, but certainly not ordinary.



For over 25 fabulous years, Artishock has reigned as the ultimate fashion playground in the vibrant heart of Eindhoven. It's a treasure trove, a haven of chic and exclusive designer gems for both dames and gents. Picture this: Dolce & Gabbana, DSQUARED2, Isabel Marant, Chloé, Moncler, and Zimmermann. Here, as a devotee of style, you're destined to discover your fashionable soulmate... in the form of a resplendent showstopper to grace your collection.


Charm, sport, femininity. Are these the words that paint your style canvas? Then you NEED to visit Elle! This stylish boutique in Heuvel Galerie is the abode of three style whisperers, ready to give you a head-to-toe transformation. Yes, even if your style journey hasn't officially started. 

Eeden Conceptstore 

Another gem nestled in the Bergen (which might as well be called a haven of boutiques) is Eeden. You'll recognize it in an instant, thanks to its blush-pink façade. But step inside, and the colors bloom even brighter. The walls flirt with shades of lavender, and all the vintage treasures add even more color. Be it bold, feminine, elegant, or classic—whatever your style, Evy Eeden holds all the fashion knowledge to help you.

Eeden Conceptstore
Eeden Conceptstore


2Balou stands for hip, trendy, and affordable fashion. The ideal combination, we think. Can't wait to get your hands on the good stuff? Check out @2Balou on Instagram to check the latest collection. Would you instead like to rummage around in person? You can do so at their address on the Kleine Berg. 


BYLOTTE also on the Kleine Berg, is the sister of the well-known boutique Marilot by Lotte on the Vrijstraat. Lotte Drijvers, the owner of both businesses, followed in her mother's footsteps in 2008, who had a boutique just outside Eindhoven. You know where to go for brands like GANNI and IRO Paris and Dutch gems like TOL Eyewear. 

Frankie's Favorites

Step inside this colorful fashion paradise! Owner Franka sells pre-loved designer items from brands like Isabel Marant, Iro, Anine Bing, by Malene Birger, Gucci, Chloé, Ba&sh, and many more. Check out around 1600 (!) items, which evolve on a daily basis. Browsing them all might take a while, but it's called slow fashion for a reason.

Frankie's Favorites