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7x Thrift stores & second-hand shops

These days, Eindhoven is bursting with cool vintage shops where you can score carefully selected second-hand items. However, that comes with a price tag, and you miss out on the fun of discovering a fantastic gem for a bargain. 
That's why we bring you: 7 old-school thrift stores with a serious cozy factor!

Thrift shop Slera

Near the Woenselse Markt, you'll find Slera: a thrift store just as a thrift store should be. Over 2,000 square meters filled with racks of clothing, unique furniture, and those quirky odds and ends that, in a different context, suddenly transform into special accessories.

Thrift shop Karoesell

The Edisonstraat also has a location for second-hand items, namely Karoesell. Fun fact: you can both buy items and drop off your old ones. They will help you find a new destination for your old stuff!  

Stichting Wereldhuis Eindhoven 

In the Blaarthem neighborhood, just outside the city center, you'll find Wereldhuis, a thrift store housed in an old school building. In the various classrooms, you can browse through beautiful second-hand items, and in the cozy coffee corner, you can settle down for a nice cuppa. Beyond the shopping experience, Wereldhuis extends its impact by providing support to individuals facing barriers in the job market. Every purchase here is a double win — a treasure for you and a helping hand for others.

Terre des Hommes 

Enter one of the Netherlands' most renowned thrift stores: Terre des Hommes. This foundation passionately combats the exploitation of children, channeling the proceeds from second-hand sales, including clothing and toys, toward this noble cause. Located on the Leenderweg, the cozy shop invites you to explore an eclectic collection of items, each purchase contributing not only to your finds but also to a profoundly meaningful mission.

Thrift shop Emmaus Eindhoven 

As a thrift enthusiast, you've probably heard of Emmaus (or maybe even shopped there!), but did you know that Emmaus is more than just a thrift store? It operates as a living and working community, dedicated to providing housing and work experience for those facing homelessness. Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, this unique establishment not only offers a treasure trove of second-hand delights but also stands as a beacon of support and opportunity for the community it serves.

Thrift shop Voor & Deel

Voor & Deel thrift store wins our award for the most retro website, but that doesn't diminish the quality of their work! Located on Strijpsestraat, this second-hand shop is a jack of all trades. They contribute their proceeds to various causes, including orphanages, sports associations for people with disabilities, and food banks. Shopping here is good for your karma, so they say!

Second-hand store Het Goed

Het Goed is widely known among avid thrift shoppers. All thanks to the large surface of the stores. The same applies to the Eindhoven store. With space for interior goodies, clothing, and other knick-knacks, everyone can find a little something to bring revive at home.